Tea & Burgers

Where pinkies and guts stick out


Melted Cheese and Tater Tots; Malcolm Gladwell, the author of Outliers, grew up in the 1970's in England.

Deep Fried Green Bean; resembling Wolf of Wall Street's Jordan because he is a person that had a healthy life to begin with, but then stooped to ruining himself with drugs.

7 Layer Dip; Like the many different ways Jordan reacts and treats people throughout his career.

Chicken Liver and Bacon; When food was short in World War 2, people used whatever they could to put a proper meal on the table which happens to be a lot of liver.

Soup & Salads

Caesar Salad; In Wolf of Wall Street the main character is the head of the company and is looked up to and feared, much like the Caesar of Rome.

Tomato Soup; Malcolm is an extremely, intelligent man, who holds one main purpose in life, to be happy. He is very simplistic.

“Surprise Soup"; It was very common during World War 2 for the food to be rationed, forcing many to take what scraps they had and make soup out of it.

King Crab Salad; Matching Jordan’s job, King Crab Salad displays Jordan's position of being “king” of the company and the way all of his employees looked up to him and viewed him as such.


Prime Rib; Jordan, of Wolf of Wall Street, is currently in has prime and prime rib is also a more expensive item just like how Jordan has expensive taste.

Sweet-and-Sour Stir-Fried Beef; Representing Jordan’s two-sided personality. Sour: his opinions of the people he meets. Sweet: his opinions of his family. Also, along with the, Beef: the side of him always trying to act tough.

Extra Chunky Tomato Sauced Spaghetti; During Gladwell's TED talk, Choices, Happiness and Spaghetti Sauce, he states "The mind knows not what the tongue wants", when speaking about this dish. He explains even thought this is what one third of Americans want, they would never think to say it.

Leftovers Stew; Stew was a useful meal in the WW2 era when someone had low rations or leftovers. They would take any meat, vegetables, and seasonings they could to make a stew.


Chocolate Cake; Jordan, from Wolf of Wall Street, likes to indulge himself in drugs and hookers, just like chocolate cake is something that normal people tend to indulge themselves in.

Ice Cream; This is a great example of how Jordan lives his life. He loves to treat himself, but like icecream, too much of a good thing can be harmful.

Apple Crisp; As a popular choice in the 1940’s, it was an easy to make dish and was low on precious ingredients as well.

Creme Brûlée; Outliers is all about "How To Be Successful". Much like Creme Brûlée after a lot of hard work the reward of success is sweet.

Yummy, yummy!


Katie Brey, Joshua Nelson, Austin Werner & Dustin Smith