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CIS News January 20, 2020

NWEA Testing

NWEA testing will begin next week for 5th graders on Tuesday and Thursday. Please encourage your student(s) to get plenty of rest and encourage them to decrease screen time on the evenings prior to the test. There are not study materials available for the test, but you can encourage your student(s) to practice their math facts, practice IXL Math, and read each night for at least 20 minutes.
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Cold and Flu Season

The cold and flu season is here! Please keep your student(s) home if they are not feeling well. The attached article gives some guidance on how to prevent the spread of germs. Please take a minute to read it.

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Cell Phones, Apple Watches, and Personal Devices

It certainly looks like many of our students received some wonderful gifts over winter break. We are seeing a few cell phones, Apple watches, and other personal devices. Just a reminder that these devices are not allowed in school. If staff see students with any personal device on school property, the device may end up in the office and parents may be called to come pick them up.

Please remind your students that these are not allowed in school.

Parking Lot Guidelines

Here is a quick reminder of our parking lot guidelines for car riders at dismissal time. Please review this and forward this information to anyone who may be picking up students from CIS at dismissal time.


This is just a reminder that we do not dismiss students after 3:00 on full days and 11:35 on half days from school. If you need to pick your student up early from school, please come before 3:00 or 11:35. You will be asked to join the car rider line if you come after these times.
CARE Expectations

Not sure what our CARE Expectations are? Follow this link for more information and encourage your child to follow these expectations to earn CARE Coupons!

Week at a Glance


No School


C Day


A Day


B Day


C Day

1/2 Day dismissal at 11:54

Upcoming Dates

1/24 - 1/2 Day of School End of Semester

1/28 - NWEA 5th Grade ELA

1/30 - NWEA 5th Grade Math

1/31 - Student of the Month Celebration

2/4 - NWEA 4th Grade ELA

2/6 - NWEA 4th Grade Math

2/13 - Valentines Day Activities in Classrooms

2/14-2/17 - No School Mid-Winter Break

2/25 - Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30-7:30