Work After School

The Transition between Learning and Applying

Intro & Five Principles of Work

Entering the workforce after finishing school can be a daunting task, whoever with the right preparation and help, it won't be as scary as you think.

Karl Marx, one of the founders of Marxism, came up with five principles which can be applied to work:

1. I want to see myself in what I have made.

In this idea, Marx talks about what he wants us to see in what we make. In other words, labour offers us the chance to externalise whats good inside us (eg. creativity, logic, rigour).

2. Money isn't enough.

Here, Marx talks about how money isn't enough to motivate people to produce their best work during their labour. They should be happy with what they produce and be proud of it.

3. Work should be meaningful.

In this idea, Marx states that all work that is being produced should be meaningful for the creator. Marx says that work should be meaningful in two ways: to reduce the suffering of someone else, or to benefit someone else.

4. Specialisation deadens the soul.

When Marx says that "Specialisation deadens the soul", he portrays that nobody should have a specific subject to focus on, but should broaden their horizons.

5. Progress should make life easier.

In this idea, Marx says that people have a fear of being abandoned, in this case, being fired from your job or just the insecurity of keeping your job. He says that if people would have a secure position, they would be able to work better and complete work at a higher quality.

Marx endorses these ideas, and states that if you follow them, you will have a more positive work experience.


When entering the workforce, you should always be prepared for what is to come. Here is some advice to aid you in your cause.

- The first thing you will want to do is find a job suitable for you. As Marx states, broaden your horizons. Don't just pick a job you specialise in, pick something that you would like to do.

- Try approaching someone for an apprenticeship. Studies show that the chance of getting a job after completing an apprenticeship increases by 86.7%.

- Take at least one career assessment. This will help you find the right job for you with proper consulting from a professional.

- If you have an idea of what you want to be, look at the stats regarding competition for the job and availability. Keep in mind that in the future, some fields may be non-existent.


Entering the workforce after leaving school is definitely daunting. However with the right preparation anything is possible, even finding a job! Hopefully this short flyer helped you with your endeavours in this upcoming stage in life.