Laboratory Floor Slip Resistance

Our floor slip resistance testing equipment and expertise is unmatched in the Americas. Sotter Engineering Corporation provides specialized floor coefficient of friction testing, ASTM E303 road skid resistance testing, and Sustainable Slip Resistance testing services and instruments, both for the laboratory and in the field. To have your floor slip resistance tested at your location, the charge is based on time and expenses. We are certified by the City of Los Angeles (one of the few government agencies in the USA that has an approval process – look here under Sotter Engineering) for testing the slip resistance of flooring, and reports come stamped by a registered professional engineer.

Safety Direct America

Safety Direct America is a subsidiary of Sotter Engineering Corporation, which was founded in 1987 and incorporated in 1991. We supply anti-slip/non-skid floor-care products and applications; instruments; and consulting and expert witness services that use technology to improve safety, health and the environment.