10th Grade Biology

Whats going on in class?

This month in Biology!

This month in Biology we will be learning the skeletal system! Since it is a short month, due to Spring Break, we will hit the ground running with our next body sytem. Students will learn all the bones of the body, get to create their own skeleton in lab, and have the chance to teach the elementary kids what they have learned. Students will design anything they want to teach younger kids the skeletal system. It can be a childrens book, a prezi, a technology tool, etc. This project can be as creative or as traditional as they would like. In lab this month we will be creating our own skeletal system (the main bones) with things we can find in the classroom and around the school. Students will have homework every Tuesday and Thursday each week that will be due every Friday before class starts. We will also be having an open book exam March 20th.

Why are we learning the skeletal system?

As humans we cant function without our skeletal system, so why not learn about it? If we didnt have a skeletal system we would be a big puddle of mush. Our skeletal system is what allows us to walk, talk, and function in everyday life. There are an array of careers that require us to know the skeletal system, doctors nurses PE coaches. But even if we dont plan on going into one of these careers we will use our skeletal system everyday. If you break a bone on the playground couldnt it be cool to have an idea of which bone it is?

Things to remeber!

  • St. Patricks day March 17th
  • Parent teacher confrence March 20th
  • Spring break March 23-27
  • Homework every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Homework due every Friday
  • Open book exam March 20