a trip through the digestive system

take a trip through the digestive

what is happening

have you ever wondered how your digestive system works, well now you can. take a journey through the whole digestive system where you'll experience things you could never imagine

where our trip will take us

we will be hopping on a boat that will take us into the mouth of the human body where we will encounter the tongue and teeth that help to chew and move food around. we may also encounter some saliva which is produced from the salivary gland.

next we will go down the esophagus which is the passage way to the stomach. when we arrive you maybe able to see some food decomposing. we will have to try to not decompose ourselves. while were in the stomach we will be able to see the liver. the liver helps filter the blood from chemicals and bad things we eat.

we then travel to the pancreas, this helps to digest the food. next door is the gall bladder where bile is stored.

and last we go through the small intestine and the large intestine. the small intestine is where the major break down happens, then we go through the large intestine which absorbs any remaining water.

as our journey ends we go out the anus and return to our normal lives.

hope you have a great trip : )

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