Shaken Baby Syndrome Awareness


THE FACTS: What You Need To Know About Skaken Baby Syndrome

sbs, a form of abusive head trauma (aHT) and inflicted traumatic

brain injury (ITbI), is a preventable and severe form of physical

child abuse. It results from violently shaking an infant by the

shoulders, arms, or legs. sbs may result from both shaking alone

or from impact (with or without shaking)

1. The resulting whiplash

effect can cause bleeding within the brain or the eyes.

2.The american academy of Pediatrics (aaP) and the Centers

for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that

maltreatment causes a high rate of injury and death among

infants.4,5 sbs can cause death, mental retardation or

developmental delays, cerebral palsy, severe motor

dysfunction, blindness, and/or seizures.