by Aaron Smith

Israel Becomes an Independent State

Israel became a state in 1948, after United Nations voted to divide the Palestinian Mandate into anArab state and a Jewish state, in 19477. Many countries felt bad about the Holocaust in World War II. All of the Islamic countries voted against the division. However on May 14, 1948, Jewish leader, David Ben-Gurion announced that Israel was independent.
Full Recording - Israeli Declaration of Independence

Attempts at Peace

Anwar Sadat was the Egyptian President that offered peace to Israel.  President Jimmy Carter, Sadat, and Israeli Prime Minister, Menachem Begin met at Camp David to talk about peace.  This was known as the Camp David Accords.  This became the first signed agreement between Israel and an Arab country.  Many Arab people did not like what Sadat did, and they assasinated him.
September 17, 1978: Camp David Accords -

Peace In War

Even though Israel is in a bad position, they are not completely messed up. They have nice things to enjoy. In this picture, it looks very peaceful and beautiful in this area.

Recent News

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