Enterprise Skills Management

Its Your Skills

Features of ESM

Enterprise Configuration

  • Choose employee information fields for your org
  • Configure workflow for Employee Skills Profile creation – review – approval process
  • Set rules and permissions to different employees or groups of employees for different actions such as hiring, project management etc.

Creation of Organization

  • Create Organization Units
  • Create positions within Org Units
  • Assign employees to Positions
  • Upload employee information in bulk
  • Add/ Edit/ Delete employee information manually

Recruitment / Hiring

Creation of Skills Based Job Description

Approval process for JDs

Publishing of JD in Its Your Skills website

Share JDs with internal and external recruiters for sourcing

Share JD on Facebook

Send JDs to candidates

Get application from candidates as skills profile

Capturing of skill ratings of candidates by recruiters and interviewers

Comparing of skills of different candidates

Review and approval for selection by Hiring Manager

Skills Profile / Inventory

  • Creation of Skills Profile by employees
  • Review and Approval process based on workflow configured
  • Collation of skills information
  • Querying and reporting of skills information on different criteria
  • Analysis of skills in the organization

Resource Management

  • Creation of positions and search for resources for the position based on the skills profile
  • Creation of Projects and assigning of resources to projects
  • Tracking of resource deployment

Technical Features

  • Hosted on the cloud in Rackspace (US) server
  • Responsive design and thus compatible with tabs and mobiles
  • Best security practices adapted
  • Highest level of information security

Pricing :Just $1 / employee / month