Self-Managing Skills in the Library

Approaches to Learning in the PYP and MYP

In the Library we...

Manage ourselves in the library- gross and fine motor skills and safety

  • develop spatial awareness, gross motor and fine motor skills:
  • control our bodies in the library space appropriately like walking and sitting.
  • use our books in a careful manner ie. turn pages, holding onto our books.

Organize ourselves in the library

  • plan and carry out our activity effectively.
  • bring your work materials (assignment, study materials, tools) to the library.
  • know our purpose for being in the library and carry them through
  • use the workspace appropriately.

Manage our time

  • use our library time effectively.
  • search for books at appropriate times.
  • use our Silent Reading time for silent reading.
  • use our time in the library purposefully.

Follow codes of behaviour

  • follow Essential Agreements for the Library.
  • know what is appropriate behaviour for the Library.
  • understand the library is a common area for all students and staff and act accordingly.
  • follow the acceptable use policy of our school.