Family Dolphin Digest: February '21

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Jennie Dean Elementary School

Welcome to our first digital Family Newsletter. We hope you find some fun activities you can do with your children. There will be messages from various staff to share out important information.

Hello from Jennie Dean Administration

Hello Jennie Dean families! I want to thank you for your outstanding partnership with the school this year as we all learn to navigate a distance learning environment. I have enjoyed “virtually” visiting classrooms and watching your children continue to learn and grow! As we move closer to the end of this school year, we continue to stay up to date with the latest news in order to determine if and when our students can return to school safely. We look forward to that day! I hope you all have found some time to enjoy learning with your child and see all of the great things they are able to do. I hope all of your families are healthy and happy!

Kara Grasser


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Coaches Corner

Reading: Rhyme Time

Rhyming is a fun and easy way to help your child build or strengthen the foundation for reading success. It requires no materials and can be done anywhere! Words rhyme when the sound(s) at the end are the same. Try these activities with your child:

1. Rhyme recognition: Say pairs of words (ways-daze (rhyme); chair-window (do not rhyme)), your child gives a thumbs up if they rhyme, thumbs down if they don’t rhyme. Click here for a list of common rhyming words in English; click here for a list of words for older students; and click here for a list of rhyming words in Spanish.

2. Rhyme production: If your child has success with recognizing rhyming words see if they can produce rhyming words. 1. Say a word; your child says a word that rhymes with it. It’s okay if it’s not a real word (table-rable, bottle-shottle) 2. Read rhyming poems and nursery rhymes; pause before a rhyming word and see if your child can produce a word that rhymes. (Humpty, Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great ______).

3. Have your child come up with pairs of rhyming words (or lists of rhyming words) or point out objects that rhyme (keys-trees, cup-pup, chair-bear).

4. Make it real with poetry, songs, and rap! Read age-appropriate poems and notice the rhyme (not all poems rhyme); point out rhyming when listening to music; rap music is based in rhyme - listen to radio-friendly (clean version) of rap or try your hand at making your own rap!

Math - ORIGO at Home

Here you will find activities and resources to support your student(s) mathematical thinking in an easy to use format for at home.

Origo at Home

STEM - NASA STEM Engagement

Explore the Space Station, solve a puzzle, read a story, or build it - this site is full of fun STEM activities to do at home!
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Send a Video Valentine to your favorite teacher or staff member at Jennie Dean ES

Send a short 30-second Video Valentine to your favorite teacher or staff member at Jennie Dean. You can send one to more than one person, but only have one person's message in one video. You can also send one video to the whole school. We will send your video to that person.

~ Who you want the Valentine to go to
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To Ms. Green
Happy Valentine's Day! I miss you and your Robots!
From Madison H.

Digital Citizenship at Home

From the Main Office

Main Office Information

  • Kindergarten Registration will be later in the spring for 2021-2022
  • Information and dates will come out next month
  • Appointments required for any visits to the main office

Nurses Corner

  • Stay Healthy :)

Learn the US Presidents in Order through Bill Clinton

Animaniacs - The Presidents Song

Additional Presidents not mentioned in the video

George W. Bush - 2000-2008

Barrack Obama - 2008-2016

Donald J. Trump - 2016-2020

Joe Biden - 2020-