Rising Second Grade Summer Packet

June 2020 - August 2020

Dear First Grade Families,

Thank you for joining us in remote learning as we all navigated how to shift school to online. If you would like to have your child continue to engage in learning over the summer, we have several choices that you can select which best fits your family and child. Keep in mind that these activities are ALL optional.

Choice Boards

Choice boards are a page that is set up with a grid, similar to a Bingo game board, that have different learning activities a child can choose from. To use at home, have your child select an activity they would like to do that day in math and literacy. The next day, they can choose a different activity from a literacy board and a math board. If you complete all the boards before the summer is over, then have your child choose their favorite to do again.

Some activities will need math manipulatives, such as dice, unifix cubes, spinners, number lines and more. The website Didax provides 17 different types of math manipulatives that can be used to support students in solving the problems shown on their choice boards.

Online Programs

If you are interested in your child continuing to engage with online programs, below are links to those we have used throughout remote learning. There are also links to additional programs you may be interested in signing your child up for to explore over the summer.


  • Lexia Core5

    • Available for students throughout the summer

    • Username: firstnamelastinitialBPCS

    • Password: prospect123

  • Epic! Books

    • Class code: (1A: gcu2256 & 1B: jaw0915)

    • Epic! Books shared that starting on July 1st the Remote Access Accounts families currently have will switch automatically to "Epic Free," which includes 2 hours of free reading per week in a limited library of high-quality, educational books. The timer for the 2 hours resets every Monday. If you're interested in what is available/not available, please check out here.

  • Raz Kids (K-2)

    • 1A teacher username: mip01

    • 1B teacher username: 1bclassroom

    • ID : firstnamelastname (all lowercase with no space)

    • Password : firstnamelastname (all lowercase with no space)


  • Dreambox

    • Class Code: (1A: 33992 & 1B: 46256)

    • Available for students throughout the summer

  • Brainzy

    • Class code: QUF5VH

  • IXL Math

Additional Programs