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January 18, 2016 (School Board Presentation)

Devil Bots 2016 Season

Our Robotics Team, DevilBots, is up and running full-steam ahead. They attended their FIRST Kick-Off at Capac on Saturday, January 9th. We found out what this year's competition will be. The theme this year is FIRST Stonghold, and the competition can be viewed at this link:

FIRST Stronghold

What is FIRST or FRC

The students are very excited about this opportunity, and it has created a bit of a buzz around the community. Many people have been curious as to exactly what we are doing with it and when competitions are. I submitted an article to many of the local media outlets, hopefully, some will print it this week.

Last Thursday, we held a parent meeting and had approximately 35 parents attend. We went over the Team Handbook, the competition guidelines, fundraising and sponsors, scholarships for FIRST Alumni (over 25 million dollars available), and the future goals and direction of our team.

The students have exactly 6 weeks to make their robot. At the end of the 6 weeks we will bag it for competition. They will be working 5-6 days a week after school and on weekends for the 6 weeks to create/make the best robot they can for this year's game. The team has two competitions (they run Thursday-Saturday). The first will be at Kettering University on March 10-12, and the second is at Marysville High School on March 24-26.

Times Herald Article

FIRST Robotics Site

FIRST Scholarships

FIRST in Michigan

Our main mentors helping with our team at this point are:

Lori Geiger

Roy Hickman

Jim Blake

Russ Cushion

Ron Bennett

Kelsey Kneebone

Bruce Blow

Jim Kneebone

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