Team Meadow Update

Staff Update - September 22, 2019

Team Meadow,

This week, we welcome Jen Rozelle-Trinosky to our team! Jen accepted the art position for the duration of Allison's maternity leave, which means that Jen will be with us until Allison's return next fall. Jen's family was a part of the Boone Meadow community the first year the school was open as an elementary school. A handful of years ago, Jen and her family moved out of Eagles Nest and relocated closer to downtown Indy before returning to Zionsville this summer. We are thrilled to have her back with the community, and are excited to have her be infused as a part of our team. Jen is a practicing studio artist (mainly metal sculpture) and has a passion for teaching. With that, welcome, Jen!

In addition, Shelley Savini will be back in the building to work on the mural project. She will be working with any students that missed an opportunity last week to put their brush to the wall and will add final touches. We can't wait to see how this project wraps up! Thank you again for navigating that space as it continues to be "closed".

A few other important nuggets of information:

  • I will be hosting the literacy coach meeting on Monday in the family room from 12:00-2:00
  • We will have a staff meeting following Monday's dismissal. Erica Moore will be walking us through her role and the evaluation process. In addition, we will continue exploring reflective practices as we strengthen our cultural understandings.
  • Jog-A-Thon is this Wednesday. Please talk it up with your students and be prepared for a beautiful and energetic day. Details are below.

Here's to a great week ahead!


Playground/Recess Routines and Procedures

This past Saturday afternoon, Noah and I were able to get the playground mulch cleared off the sidewalks and back under the playground equipment. He loved it (insert teenager eye-rolling emoji here). It got me thinking about routines and procedures, and how important they are in this shared space with over 600 humans.

I know that I often move under the assumption, as we all do from time to time, that children know how to play on the equipment, why they shouldn't climb and pull that low-hanging tree branch, how to use the recess toys, or (insert any other number of things we expect kids to do each day.) Have you taught them appropriate procedures as a whole (proactive), or are you responding to individuals or groups when problems arise (reactive)? Granted, kids are creative and problem-solvers. However, I find that educators often grow frustrated with children about "behavior" when we've often not even taken the time to teach them about how to do that particular thing.

I was reading from one of my Responsive Classroom books a few days ago about Interactive Modeling. It is a great way to teach any routine or skill that needs to be done in a specific way in any group setting. Instead of assuming that if we tell children how do do something enough times, they'll "get it." Instead, interactive modeling show students exactly how to do what we expect and gives them a chance to practice meeting those expectations. The Interactive Modeling structure has build-in steps that help students notice for themselves the details of how a routine or skill looks and sounds in action, and it provides immediate teacher feedback.

Interactive Modeling in Action:

  1. Say what you will model and why.
  2. Model the behavior.
  3. Ask students what they noticed.
  4. Invite one or more students to model
  5. Again, ask students what they noticed.
  6. Have all students practice.
  7. Provide feedback. (Tell them what they did well, and what can be improved. Try it again if needed.)

The other day, our Kindy team took the time to reset some recess routines and procedures with their 125 five & six year olds. They took time to review procedures as a group so all received the same information. As students are beginning to be more comfortable with the year and their space, help them continue to be successful by revisiting your routines and procedures. For classes that need higher structure, don't forget the details and be explicit in conveying your expectation for their success.

Remember that this is part of their learning. They'll mess up, make mistakes, and you will continue to guide. Sometimes they need reminders, however, with well established routines and clarity in expectations, you should experience giving less reminders.

Important Jog-A-Thon Information

PTO distributed packets to each classroom earlier last week. Please take a moment to go over that info with your students.

Preschool - Jog-a-thon and obstacle course in gymnasium



· Proceed outside and arrive to back lot at 12:40 for warm-up/stretches

· Receive instructions from PTO/JAT Committee regarding the walk/jog

· Jog-a-Thon laps begin at 12:50 and concludes at 1:25

· Teachers remain with students for the walk/jog

1st & 2nd grade

· Proceed outside and arrive to back lot at 9:05 for warm-up/stretches

· Receive instructions from PTO/JAT Committee regarding the walk/jog

· Jog-a-Thon laps begin at 9:15 and concludes at 10:00

· Teachers remain with students for the walk/jog

3rd & 4th grade

· Proceed outside to back lot at 10:45 for warm-up/stretches

· Receive instructions from PTO/JAT Committee regarding the walk/jog

· Jog-a-Thon laps begin at 10:55 and concludes at 11:55

· Teachers remain with students for the walk/jog


· Follow our regular lunch schedules.

Related Arts

· Hamlow, Sorrells, Coats, Graham, Bender, & Adams – The Run/Walk will take the place of your regularly scheduled “Wellness” for the week. Please take students to the warm-up area and other staff will take responsibility for your class if you choose to “take a break” (In lieu of your regular special’s time). We will provide coverage for your kids at the following times:

Sorrells & Coats – 12:40-1:15;

Bender & Graham– 9:05-9:50;

Hamlow & Adams – 10:45-11:30

Special Education/USS

· Please continue to serve IEP students throughout the day as usual and as much as possible.

· If students are at JAT during your regular service times, you are to join the JAT group and assist students/staff.

· Join JAT when possible/appropriate to see if any need assistance.


· HA common math block will not occur on JAT day.

· Remind students to dress accordingly with appropriate shoes and their JAT shirt.

· Don’t forget sunscreen reminders for families.

· All volunteers must have background checks on file and need to check in at front office before assisting classes.

· Your team may need to reschedule recess time as it may conflict with playground times/back lot

· In your newsletters, please promote JAT whenever possible. We rely heavily on community support for our programming needs.

Important Dates & Information

September 23 - Literacy Coaches Mtg @ BME (12-2:00); Staff Meeting

September 24- Admin Mtg @ ESC (Tom/Lauren out in AM)

September 25 - Jog-a-Thon

September 26 - (FYI - Middle School E-day)

September 30-October 1 - Tom @ Advanced School Safety Specialist training

October 2 - Bender, Megli, Noel, Casselman, Gray & Hundley out for training (Seravallo)

October 3 - So Big/Mountain House Gala

October 9 - Yom Kippur; NVCI Training @ BME for select staff

October 14-18 - Fall Break

October 28th - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 (Cafe)

November 9 - ZEF Barn Bash @ Golf Club of Indiana

November 11 - Veterans Day Program

November 13 & 14 - Student Conferences

  • November 13th - 3:00-5:40
  • November 14th - 11:00 AM-7:00 PM (also an E-Day)
  • Teachers will be allowed to leave at 2:45 on a few days surrounding conferences (more info/details at a later date)
November 18th - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 (Cafe)

November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Break

December 12th - Boone Meadow Voices Concert

December 23-January 3 - Winter Break

January 20 - MLK Jr. Day (no school)

February 5 - Global School Play Day

February 6 - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 (Cafe)

February 17 - Presidents Day (no school)

February 18 - Staff Professional Development Day (no school for students)

March 4th - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 (Cafe)

March 20 - Boone Meadow Mixer (evening social for adults @ Golf Club of Indiana)

March 25 - Kindergarten Round-Up

March 27-April 3 - Spring Break

April 13 - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 (Cafe)

May 6 - PTO Meeting @ 7:00 (Cafe)

May 22 - Last Day of School


With a forecast that includes temperatures near 90 degrees this week, a snow day might be the furthest thing from your mind. However, school cancellations can occur for a variety of reasons- power outages, water main breaks, etc. come to mind. if school were cancelled tomorrow, would you be e-day ready? This year, the first cancellation will activate an e-day and will not be made up in May. Please keep this in mind and make sure you are prepared.

As a reminder, the conference (digital leadership/citizenship) e-day has already been prepared at the district level. This will only be used for conferences. Please make sure you are communicating in your newsletters to families about the November 14th e-day. We have been including it in the Weekly School Smore, but the more places it can be seen, the better!

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Personal Business Day(s) Requests

For Certified Team Members:

To requests "personal business days," please complete the following process.

  1. Go to the following link, and complete the "personal business request" form.
  2. Once the form is completed, please send a brief email to me (Tom) that includes the date(s) of your request(s).
  3. Enter your upcoming absence in AESOP as soon as possible. (It can always be deleted later should plans change.)

Thanks -

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