UT Arlington

AVID college research project

Why did you choose this school?

I chose UT Arlington because I saw that they offered both of the majors I want, and my family has been going to this college and they recommend it, also I get to still live at home and just drive to school everyday.

My Majors

My choices for majors at the moment are Business and Criminal Justice

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements necessary are the SAT and ACT and the students GPA. For students in the first quartile ACT and SAT can be any minimum. Second quartile SAT:1050 and ACT:22. For the third and fourth they are reviewed individually.

Application Process

The application process is mainly make sure you do your FAFSA and see the student aid that is given, and also making sure everything is verified to see how much money will be given. Also sending in your transcript with SAT and ACT scores.


A non-refundable fee as indicated below is required:

  • US Citizen and US Resident Alien Applicants with NO foreign college or university course work: $40
  • US Citizen and US Resident Alien Applicants WITH foreign college or university course work: $90
  • International Applicants: $90

Fee Waivers; Certain fee waivers may apply so there may not be fees.

Classes to be tested upon scores

Yes, it is allowed to be tested in UT Arlington



Financial Accounting55ACCT 2301


General Biology51BIOL 1333 & 1334 or BIOL 1441


General Chemistry50CHEM 1441 & 1442


Principles of Macroeconomics54ECON 2305

Principles of Microeconomics54ECON 2306


College Composition –
Modular Essay552
3.5ENGL 1301

English Literature
plus Essay552
3.5ENGL 2319

American Literature
plus Essay552
3.5ENGL 2329


College French3 (Levels 1 & 2)47-48FREN 1441

49-56FREN 1441,1442

57-67FREN 1441, 1442, 2313

68-80FREN 1441, 1442, 2313, 2314


College German3 (Levels 1 & 2)32-36GERM 1441

37-51GERM 1441, 1442

52-70GERM 1441, 1442, 2313

71-80GERM 1441, 1442, 2313, 2314


American Government60POLS 2311


History of United States I50HIST 1311

History of United States II50HIST 1312

Western Civilization I50HIST 2301

Western Civilization II50HIST 2302


Principles of Management60MANA 3319


Principles of Marketing63MARK 3321


Calculus60MATH 1426

College Algebra50MATH 1302

Pre-Calculus60MATH 1421


Introductory Psychology55PSYC 1315


Introductory Sociology50SOCI 1311


College Spanish3 (Levels 1 & 2)50-524SPAN 1441

53-634SPAN 1441, 1442

64-80SPAN 1441, 1442, 2313

(See4)SPAN 1441, 1442, 2313, 2314


To be on academic probation is when a student falls under the college's requirements, such as their GPA being too low. Probation can lead to students losing scholarships or even being dismissed from the college. If your GPA is below 2.0 your're on academic probation.

Percent of incoming freshmen acceptance from the previous year

59% of freshmen were accepted and 41% were not accepted.

PArt ii

Degree requirements

The requirements is to have 120 hours, you have to take all the courses listed in GENERAL EDUCATION, BUSINESS CORE, CONCENTRATION & ELECTIVES


Math requirements & prererequisites

Math 1315

Math 1316

are the requirements.

Classes pass/fail

There is no classes that you can take pass/fail.

online classes

I found Principles of accounting I/II









BA and BS difference

A BA is a Bachelors for Arts and a BS is a Bachelors for Science. It will take 4 years to get one, a BA is more about liberal arts and a BS is more science based.

DOes major allow BA or BS

My major offers a BBA.

GPA to graduate

I need a 2.0 to graduate a C is the requirement.

free tutoring on campus

visit University Tutorial & Supplemental Instruction in Ransom Hall, Suite 205. but there is a 6 hour limit after you have to pay $6.50 an hour

academic advising

It is located at the University Advising Center, and they help you choose what classes to take for your major.

Checklist of required courses and electives

part iii

What will you do with your degree?

I will get a job as a manager in a business or get a job as an accountant.

average salary base and overall salary

$56,000 per year, average $89,000 and maximum $140,000

JOb placement opportunities your University offers

UTA has an annual Education Career Day (Job Fair) in the middle of the spring semester.

Does your degree offer help with creating a resume?

No, but the university helps create the resume, people can go to The Career Development Center's career consultants that are available to review and critique your résumé.

Does your major also aid in the interviewing process?

In some way the major helps because you're educated about the job you're trying to apply for, but the degree itself does not help with the process.

How much will your monthly student loan bill be?

My monthly student student loan would be around $220.72

part iv

tuition rates

Tuition rates and fees at UTA are $9,380 for an undergraduate resident.

possible expenses

Books and supplies cost would be around $2,106

meal plan or dining would be $3,130- $3,640

difference between loans and grants

Grants are money you don't have to repay and are usually based on your financial need while loans are money you borrow that you must pay back, usually with interest costs.

difference between qualifying for loans an grants

The difference between qualifying for loans and grants is that loans you borrow money from a bank and in order to qualify you need to pay in the time they give you to repay, a grant is like a scholarship and in order to qualify you need a good GPA or write an essay.

where to find out about financial aid

I personally learned about financial aid in AVID but in college you go to the website and look up the deadlines to see when you have to turn it in also a good resource is going to the college counselor.

when and how do you apply for financial aid

you are suppose to apply for financial aid senior year, you do that by doing FAFSA or TASFA online.

how often do you have o apply for financial aid

You have to apply for financial year each year to see how much money you are going to be eligible for.

do you qualify for aid, how much aid OR what scholarships do you qualify, what special scholarships did you find

I do qualify for financial aid, and the average amount I would get is around $9,000, there is also many scholarships offered to upcoming freshmen.

President's Charter

1300* SAT/29 ACT
High School Top 10% or 3.5 GPA

$8,000 per year

Outstanding Freshman

1200* SAT/26 ACT
High School Top 10% or 3.2 GPA

$6,000 per year

Freshman Honors

1100* SAT/24 ACT
High School Top 20%

$4,000 per year

Freshman Recognition Scholarship

1200* SAT/26 ACT
Graduation in the Top 50%
of a Texas public high school

$2,000 per year

Top 10% Award

Graduation in the Top 10%
of a Texas public high school

$2,000 per year

National Merit Scholarship

Present National Merit Finalist Certificate of Merit and College Choice Form (indicating UT Arlington as your first choice) to the Scholarship Office by February 17, 2016

Full tuition, fees, and residence hall costs up to $20,000 per year

where do you plan to live

I plan to live at home and commute to UTA since it isn't that far

living expenses

Living expenses include food, commute, and books in a year I believe I will have to be around $3,000

who do you plan to live with

I plan to live at home so I will know the people since they're my family.

jobs available as a student

There is many opportunities to get a job at UTA you just visit the Human Resource page and do an application there is jobs from Library staff to Tours and also tutors on campus.

conditions for underclassmen living on campus

At UTA it is not necessary to live on campus if you are a underclassmen.

Living expense budget

My budget would be around $500 from my parents and I would have to limit with buying food at campus and focus on renting books.

part V

what social activities are offered

2100 Club

The 2100 Club aims to create a stronger sense of community and collaboration among the glass studio.

A Collection of Brothers (COB)

A Collection of Brothers at the University of Texas at Arlington was established as a means of social networking amongst males on campus and as a support system for males to fellowship together regardless of classification, organization


The purpose of Access is to reach and minister to the Asian American community at the University of Texas at Arlington through the Christian message centered on the person of Jesus Christ.

Accounting Society

Welcome to the Accounting Society Homepage. We are a professional student organization within the College of Business that provides students with the opportunities to meet recruiters/professionals in the field of Accounting.

Actuarial Science Club

The purpose of the organization is to bring together students who are interested in pursuing a career in Actuarial Science.

Aero Mavericks (Aero Mavs)

The Aero Mavericks team researches rocket powered systems and fixed wing systems. We compete in two competitions and allow students to gain hand on experience in the engineering design process.

African Student Organization (ASO)

The University of Texas at Arlington African Students Organization is committed to promoting awareness of African culture on the UTA campus as well as advancing the interests of the African student body at UTA.

Aikido - Sport Club

Learn Self-defense Strengthen your mind Strengthen your spirit Be one with nature Learn what budo is Become a modern warrior Aikido is for daily life

Alpha Chi Omega Sorority (AXΩ)

Alpha Chi Omega is an organization built by and for real, strong women. We take pride in our national philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness, and are always finding ways to give back. The Epsilon Lambda chapter of AXO at UTA was founded in 1969.

alpha Kappa Delta Phi (αΚΔΦ)

alpha Kappa Delta Phi is an international Asian-interest sorority which fosters the making of successful leaders by assisting and challenging our members to reach their maximum potential.

These are some of the sororities/fraternities at UTA that are offered to join.

interview college student

5 favorite things about college- FOOD, pep rallies, taking classes at your own schedule, freedom to choose activities, exploring the campus

5 things they wished they knew before, The large amount of homework, having better time management, how big the classes were gonna be, how expensive books were, how labs were longer than the regular class.

part 6

transferring rules

  • UT Arlington does not accept the grade of “D” in transfer, so keep your grades up so you can receive as much credit as possible.
  • No university credit is given for vocational coursework.
  • No university credit is given for developmental coursework.
  • Transfer students have no option for erasing a low grade. UT Arlington will not use "grade replacement," "grade forgiveness," "grade exclusion," or any other type of amnesty from the grades you earn.
    • Cumulative Transfer GPA will include all grade attempts.
  • The University does not recognize life and/or career credit.
  • While you may be core complete, there may be major course requirements and/or pre-requisites that require you to take a course that looks like a core requirement but doesn’t act like one. If this happens to you, talk to your academic advisor.

do the courses you are taking fill conditions of second major

My courses are pretty different the only classes that are the same between Accounting and Criminal Justice are

ENGL 1301


ENGL 1302


Mathematics (MATH 1301 or higher; MATH 1301 and MATH 1308 are recommended)

Modern and Classical Languages: 1441, 1442, 2313, 2314 (with a total of 14 hours)

The rest of the classes are not the same.

procedure to changing majors

To change your major it is necessary to make an appointment with the college advisor there is an application that is needed to see if the major is available and if you have the requirements needed. To visit the college advisor you have to make an appointment

Monday 8:00am-5:00pm

Tuesday 8:00am-5:00pm

Wednesday 8:00am-7:00pm

Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm

Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

what have you learned about this research project?

I have learned a lot more about financial aid and many things that are important to even get into the college. I also learned about what classes I have to take in order to graduate.

what would you different with project

I would take more time to research and make sure I read everything correctly. I would also give more information about the college.


intern possibilities

There is many internship possibilities on and off campus, on campus there is The Career Development Center which gives jobs at the moment they are offering Software Development. Off campus there is an opportunity called Emerging Leaders which helps with people trying to get jobs