Norfolk Panther Pride

Norfolk Junior High

By Mackenzie

the ship that sailed

On August 10th, 1999, a ship sailed out named the Columbia. There were 24 mice and 24 sailors and one captain aboard the Columbia that day. They were in the Pacific Ocean. They were sailing on the sea and trying to get gold. They did that by using the ship and connecting the net to it by its handle on the side of the boat, and going down to the deep parts. They all made it home safely and came back home with a good amount of gold.

feature story

The sport volleyball is very interesting compared to other sports. The game was invented by William G. Morgan . They first played it in the YMCA in Holyoke,Massachusetts, in the year 1895.

The girls and women started to play volleyball in 1930. The ball was made out of leather. In games, they would play two out of three, but in championships they would play five games instead or three. They would have to score to 25, and they would have to get two more points than the other team.

There is four kinds of volleyball. There is beach volleyball and sand volleyball. Also, there is indoor volleyball and pool volleyball. When they would spike the would yell attack.

That is the game of volleyball, and plenty of ways to play and score it. It is a lot of fun if you are a sporty type.

divergent movie review

I absolutely loved the movie. It has the character’s Tris which is Chaline Woods. It is PG-13, so it is appropriate. The theme of the movie is about being separated and having to do what is right.

It came out in 2013 and it took place in the future. They are coming out with another one in March 2015. It is action and adventure. One more actor is Theo James, who plays Four in divergent. There is four factions. She thinks she chose the right one, but she has second guesses. She is afraid she might become factionless.
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Mackenzie Neuhaus went to Norfolk High School in Nebraska. She had a part-time job at Renegade when she was 16 to 18 years old . She had practice until 5:00 on Wednesday and basketball on Saturdays. After she graduated high school, she went to college. She went to the University of Nebraska. She went there for four years and learned and graduated the major of veterinarian. When she was 25 to 30 she had all her children. She had four children, two boys and two girls. T he girls were twins named Payton and Paige, and her two boys which aren't twins are named Kyle and Ayden. She married a wonderful guy. Present day she lives in Florida. She owns a business called Pets Help and is still a veterinarian. Her hobbies are going to ride fourwheelers and watching movies. She plans to get more degrees to be more educated. She wants to go on a trip to Australia.