A Time for Dancing

By: Davida Wills Hurwin

Summary of the Book

Julia and Samantha have been best friends since the age of nine, where they first met in dance class. Now they are sixteen and closer than ever. One day at dance class Julia started feeling weird and all of a sudden fell to the floor, she is rushed to the hospital and after many several misdiagnoses she finally finds out she has a type of cancer called histiocytic lymphoma and she has to start chemotherapy immediately. Now both Julia and Samantha have to overcome this obstacle with struggles along the way to keep their friendship with each other strong.

About the Author

Davida Wills Hurwin is an American writer who is best known for her books A Time for Dancing and The Farther You Run. A Time For Dancing received the ALA's best books award, The Farther You Run was a NY Best books for Teens.

My Opinion

I loved this book, I think that Davida Wills Hurwin did an excellent job writing this book. I feel that many people can relate to it, because many people know of at least one person who has had cancer and the struggles that go along with it. I feel that this book also takes you through an emotional journey and its hard to put the book down once you start because you always want to know whats coming up next.