Tech Tip -

"Help I'm Blocked!" - this may just answer your questions!

Have you heard someone ask, "Did you Authenticate?"

What technology is actually asking -"Have you restarted your computer since you took it home?" In order to keep our network secure, a network user must be "authenticated or accepted" by the network system itself. So each time you leave the network, the process begins again and you must authenticate so the CISD Network knows its users and allows them the proper access.

How do you authenticate? new, improved, and easier method.

Sometimes you are asked to do a total restart; however, the system can now authenticate you through a simpler process.

MAC Users: Find the "LOCK IN THE DOCK". It is located in the dock, bottom right of your screen by the blue letter icons for the network drives. This lock icon will lock your computer while you are away from it BUT it also will authenticate your machine. Once you click on the lock, be patient, wait for it…… Your screen will turn and then you will see the log in screen. Now you can "Log back in" to "Authenticate". (keeps you from having to restart). You have now authenticated to the network.

PC USERS: Window users will do a CTRL, ALT, DELETE. At the login screen, log back in.

Why do I need to do this? -If you don't authenticate, your permissions have been decreased to have minimal access. So the computer and the network need to be reminded that you are, in fact, a teacher with greater permissions.

When do I need to do this? -While the need to authenticate may feel random, most of the time it will be related to the following reasons:

1. I took my laptop home and now I am back at school trying to use it.

2. I closed the lid to my laptop and it has been closed for a little while.

3. The screen saver turned on and has been on for a while.

4. Things are getting crazy and I am not getting into websites that I was able to earlier in the day or websites I accessed yesterday.