Welcome to Asia

By:Mekenzie Dejesus


If you came to learn about the largest continent in the world that is a home to to over three-fifths of the world people then you have come to the right place. Asia has many jungles, swamps, deserts, and mountains that make it up. Here is the place where there will be a variety of unique dishes served throughout Asia and different photographs demonstrating the Asian culture.

Russian Foods

  • Beef stroganov: tender strips of beef, mushrooms, and a seasoned sour cream sauce
  • Kulich: a tall, cylindrical yeast cake filled with fruits and nuts
  • Zakuska: appetizers that can include smoked salmon, pickled herring, fish in aspic, and sliced cold meats
  • Caviar: processed, salted roe(eggs) of large fish

Indian Foods and Terms

  • Curry: a variation of a word meaning sauce that describes a type of stew
  • Masala: a mixture of spices that are used in curry
  • Ghee: Indian clarified butter that is the preferred cooking fat
  • Chapatis: a flat bread

Chinese Foods and Terms

  • Wok: a metal bowl with sloping sides
  • Congee: a thick porridge made from rice or barley
  • Chopsticks: eating utensils for Chinese dishes
  • Stir-frying: a common Chinese cooking method that includes cooking meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables

The Gallery of Asia