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Weekend Edition: Sunday, December 12, 2021

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Winter Market:

Please remember that we are having the Winter Market on Tuesday, December 14th and Wednesday, December 15th. The kindergarten classes will get to go first, and we will work our way to the Grade 7s. The Students will be allowed to buy two items on their first visit with an option to buy more on their second visit.

Please allow your child to bring change on Tuesday and Wednesday (items will mostly range in price from $0.25 to $2.00).

We are accepting donations until the end of the day on Monday, Dec 13th.

(Please accept our thanks to all who have sent in items for the market. Money raised will go to the food bank and to the grade 7s' year-end celebration.)

"Gingerbread" Decorating:

As part of our seasonal celebrations, all classes will participate in our annual "gingerbread" decorating fun. Students will use icing to decorate Graham wafers and attach non-nut candy treats to their creations. We request that each student brings the following:

- a tinfoil-lined piece of cardboard upon which to build their creation;

- a small container of non-nut candies to use as decorations; and,

- a small container for them to put their icing in during construction.

Please contact your child's teacher if you have any questions. The activity will take place in classrooms (not the gym as usual) on Thursday!

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A Message from the Drive-through Grinch:

Dear Families:

Thank you for your efforts to improve the safety of the pick-up and drop-off area in front of the school. There has been a real improvement! Please recognize that when folks aren't following the directions, poor Mr. Marshall has to spend time monitoring the adults and he really should be doing other things.

The only thing that is still occurring that shouldn't is that some drivers continue pulling out of line and jumping ahead of others who have stopped to let their children out. Please do not do that. Stay in a single line close to the curb and wait until you are in the Green Zone to let your children out. Again, as you enter the Green Zone, if you notice there are four or five cars in front of you who have been letting their children out, wait and let them leave so you can pull right up to the end of the line by the dumpsters before letting your own children out (thus allowing a whole new group to be inside the Green Zone).

Please take time to view the Drop-off Instructions with its six scenarios in the PDF below.

With appreciation,

The Grinch

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Guidance for Parents/Guardians Entering the School:

We have enjoyed strong cooperation from families in terms of meeting our COVID protocols right from the start. Having said that, some adults are entering the building when they should not. Please remember that parents must make an appointment to enter the school. Without an appointment, parents should not enter the building unless:

1. You are dropping off something to the front office (example: a child's lunch). If so, enter via the main entrance and depart by the same entrance;

2. You are scheduled to help with the PAC or a specific classroom. If so, enter via the main entrance and come to the main office to sign in and confirm your health check with Mrs. Clayton. Volunteers are given a Visitor lanyard so staff know they have signed in and done their health check; or,

3. You are the parent/guardian of a kindergarten student. If so, enter via the main entrance and line up against the wall opposite the kindergarten doors. Please spread out and do not stand on the opposite side of the hall, otherwise staff and students cannot easily pass. Once you have collected your child, please depart via the main entrance. Do not go to another classroom to pick up a sibling - meet them outside in front of the school.

We do expect that the protocols will change in the not too distant future as more and more people become vaccinated. Remember, the "lock-down" and strict distancing/masking rules were put in place to buy us time until vaccine coverage was widespread in the population (VCH has the highest vaccination rate in the country and is one of the top jurisdictions in the world). With the beginning of the 5-11 year-olds' vaccination program, we will achieve an even higher level of protection. The VCH Medical Health Officer for Schools, Dr. Alexandra Choi, tells us that they are now viewing COVID more as an endemic - a disease that will be with us for a long time, not a pandemic or a health emergency. We will keep you informed as protocols change, but for now, please continue to support our work as we strive to make school not only be a safe place, but also feel like a safe place for all students and staff.

Kindergarten Drop-off/Pick-up Map

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Interested in Hosting a Student From Spain?

The District is urgently seeking a family to host a secondary-aged female student from Spain. Please see the poster below.
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Travelling Outside Canada?

If you travel outside of Canada over the winter break, we remind you that unvaccinated children may not return to school until 14 days after their return to Canada. Please see the full information package below.
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Returning to School on a Tuesday?

We would like to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe winter break. We hope you have opportunities to spend time with those special people in your lives! Please note that because New Years occurs on a weekend this year, we will not return to school on the Monday, but instead, on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022.