biography about ramisa


First paragraph

she was born in bangladesh in dec 11 2002. her dad's name is Monzur and her mom's name is Nahida Nawar. Ramisa is a normal girl who like's to go on trip and hangout with her family . For example she like's to go to london,England,Paris ,France ,Dubai,UAE,Cuba.

Second paragraph

I will tell you what Ramisa like's to do while relaxing she like's to watch movies and sleep. she also hate's toddlers,picky people,rudepeople,insects and immature people.She has fun slepping,eating,being with friends,and going to wonderland.she likes to go in the levithian and behamus.

thrid paragraph

Her fav subjects her that she doesn't have a fav subject and what's important for her is that she looks trust in a friend and she like to spend time with her family.