simple machines

ways we use them everyday,

6 simple machines!

The six simple machines are lever, wheel and axle, pulley, screw, inclined plane, and wedge.


Levers are basic machines with three components: the fulcrum, the load and the effort. There are three classes of levers. The longer the distance is between the three components, the easier the load is to lift. The lever is often used to lift loads that are not easy for a person to lift or produce an effort on without a machine. Levers are so common in every day activity that people use them dozens of times a day without noticing.


The screw is classified as one of six simple machines. It is often described as an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder. Screws in many forms can be combined with other simple machines such as the lever and pulley to assemble machines as simple as a pair of scissors or as complex as a modern automobile. Machines and devices based on the screw are found everywhere in daily life.

The Pulley

The pulley is really a wheel and axle with a rope or chain attached. A pulley makes work seem easier because it changes the direction of motion to work with gravity. Let's say you have to lift a heavy load, like a bale of hay, up to the second floor of a barn. You could tie a rope to the bale of hay, stand on the second floor, and pull it straight up. Or you could put a pulley at the second floor, stand at the first floor, and lift the bale of hay by pulling straight down. It would be the exact amount of work in either case, but the action of pulling down feels easier because you're working with the force of gravity.