3rd Grade News

What's happening in our world!

Math /Matemáticas

We will be finishing up our division unit. And your child will be assessed on Thursday. You can work with your child at home. Show your child a 2 digit divided by a single digit with no remainders and your child has been shown several strategies to find the quotient. Your child can draw a picture with equal groups, a strip diagram, repeated subtraction, a numberline, arrays, or good ole' fashioned fact families.

Terminaremos nuestra unidad de división y tomaremos el examen el jueves. Pueden trabajar en casa con su hijo(a). Muéstrele a su hijo(a) un numero de dos dígitos divisible por un numero de un digito y su hijo(a) ha aprendido diferentes estrategias para encontrar el cociente. Ellos(as) pueden hacer un dibujo con grupos iguales, un diagrama, resta repetida, usar una recta numérica, una matriz o la familia de operaciones.


We will continue focusing on cause and effect. We will begin using more reading passages with comprehension questions. We have published or are publishing our expository writing. We are focusing on pronouns and commas in a series.

Continuaremos concentrándonos en causa y efecto. Comenzaremos a usar textos de lectura con preguntas de comprensión. Estaremos publicando nuestros escritos expositivos. Estamos concentrados en pronombres y comas en una serie.

Science / CIencias

We are so excited to be launching our PBL on Tuesday. Be sure to ask your child about our driving question and entry event...has to do with an adorable fur baby.

We will be focusing on animal adaptations and food chains. We will also learn about living and nonliving organisms.

Estamos emocionadas de lanzar nuestro PBL el martes. Pregúntele a su hijo(a) sobre nuestra pregunta de enfoque y nuestro evento de entrada….tiene que ver con bebes peludos adorables.

Estaremos concentrándonos en adaptaciones de animales y cadenas alimenticias. Aprenderemos sobre organismos con y sin vida.

Social Studies / Estudios Sociales

Our biography unit is well underway. We learned a lot of interesting facts about different historical figures. Please help your child gather even more facts about their historical figure. We will begin by creating an ABC poster and timeline about our biography people.

Nuestra unidad de biografía esta en camino. Aprendimos muchos hechos interesantes sobre diferentes figuras históricas. Por favor ayuden a su hijo(a) a buscar mas hechos sobre su figura histórica. Comenzaremos a crear un cartel de ABC y una línea de tiempo sobre la figura histórica.

Wilson HEART Run

Wilson Elementary PTO is proud to announce the first annual Wilson H.E.A.R.T. Run. Check out this video that the Wilson Run Club made! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NNpt6r9zvA

Details: Our children will spend the next few weeks learning how making healthy food choices and staying active can positively impact their lives because “Healthy Eaters & Active Runners Triumph.” This important curriculum will culminate with a 1-mile fundraising run on Friday, February 12th. The kids will be training during PE and are invited to get extra practice with the running club on Thursday afternoons. While our kids are hard at work learning and training, we are asking all of our parents to solicit donations to sponsor their child(ren) to run the mile. The child with the highest total sponsorships collected in each grade will get to be the Honorary Run Leader to start the run for their grade. Each grade level will get to keep 5% of what they raise to purchase items from their wish list and the highest earning grade will get 10%.

We are very excited about managing our own fundraising run this year as 100% of the money earned will benefit Wilson Elementary! You can start soliciting donations TODAYand all money is due no later than Thursday, February 11th.

What we need YOU to do…

1. Contact friends, family, co-workers and neighbors and ask them to sponsor your child for a flat donation in any amount. Collect the money and turn it into your child’s teacher with the attached form no later than Thursday, February 11th. Feel free to use the “script” below or come up with your own. Please ensure they know your child’s name, teacher and grade level if they are donating online.

Dear __________,

_________(Insert Your Child’s Name) will be participating in a 1-mile fundraising run benefiting Wilson Elementary.. (S)he has been learning the importance of eating healthy and staying active because Healthy Eaters & Active Runners Triumph. The Wilson H.E.A.R.T Run will take place on February 12th. Will you please show your support by sponsoring ____________(Insert Your Child’s Name) to run the mile? Any donation is appreciated and I can proudly say that 100% of the money raised will benefit the children and staff of Wilson Elementary. You can write a check, send cash or donate online at the Web Store at wilsonpto.com. https://wilsonpto.revtrak.net/tek9.asp?pg=products&grp=22

2. Plan to run with your child! For $20, parents (or special friends) can come out on February 12th and participate in the 1-mile run with your child and receive an official Wilson H.E.A.R.T. Run t-shirt. (Adults must be registered by 2/5/16 to be guaranteed a t-shirt)

3. Encourage your child to make healthy choices by providing nutritious food options and get out and be active with them.

Thank you for supporting our school!!

Valentine's Day Party / Fiesta

Change of plans!!!!!! Our school Heart Run is on the same day, we will be running from 1:30-2:00. Since it is a color run, we are planning to stay outside after the run. With that being said, we have moved the Valentine's Day party to 12:30. We will have Tappys and open valentines. Please send in $2.50 to cover the costs for the party. If you are coming for the party, plan on staying for the run. After the run, feel free to check out your child for the day and shower! :)

¡Cambio de planes! Nuestro Heart Run es el mismo día, estaremos corriendo de 1:30-2:00. Como es una corrida de color, planearemos quedarnos afuera después de la corrida. Moveremos nuestra fiesta de San Valentín a las 12:30. Comeremos Tappys y abriremos nuestros regalitos. Por favor envía $2.50 para cubrir todos los costos de la fiesta. Si va a venir a la fiesta, planee quedarse para la corrida. Después de la corrida, puede llevarse a su hijo(a) para que se bañe. :)

Dates to Remember / Fechas para recordar

2/2-Spirit Night at Cici's Pizza / Noche en Cici's Pizza

2/9-PTO night / Noche de PTO

2/11-Class picture & individual pictures / Fotografías individuales y para la clase

2/12-Fun Run at 1:30 for 3rd grade / Corrida a las 1:30 para 3er grado

2/12-Valentine's Day party 12:30 / Fiesta de San Valentín a las 12:30

2/15-President's Day/Student Holiday / Día del presidente / Día festivo para estudiantes