Alexis Brinkley


Have you ever seen a Goth? You probably have and if you haven't, let me open your eyes and tell you about the wonderful world of Goth. There are many diffrent type's of Goth. These are some type's i'm going to talk about: Steam Punk, Emotional Hardcore (EMO), Punk Rock.

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Steam Punk is a sub-genre of Goth. It is a re-invented future or a past that never happened.In many ways society has taken a nose-dive since the Victorian era and some would even go so far as to say we have been living in a New Dark Ages ever since. However, the scientific view of humans as soulless bio-machines hasn't necessarily been of great benefit to the way we treat each other and it can cultivate a "who cares what I do mentality". Steampunks are trying to pretend that whilst technology has progressed, aesthetics and morality have remained unchanged.

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Emotional Hardcore (Emo)

Emo is modern punk with a dark fashion sense. Bands such as Green Day, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Weezer are Emo. It is pop-punk and has nothing to do with Goth besides having a dark fashion sense. I personly am emo my self.

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Punk Rock

What does Punk Rock have to do with it and where did the term Goth come from? That’s a good question. Everything and nothing. Everyone says that Goth evolved from Punk in the 70s.The popularity of Punk started waning probably around the late 70s and a few Punk bands dissolved and formed new bands with new looks and a dark theatrical rock sound. The music was different but the band members had a Punk background.Punk had a rebellious anti-conformist attitude towards society and therefore the word Punk become synonymous with rebellion. Goths and Steampunks do not so much rebel against society but sort of ignore it and have formed their own society. With the birth of this new music came the birth of a new fashion that was borrowed from the punk look and given a darker edge.