Druid Hills High School

Week at a Glance - January 23

Stunt Night Thursday & Saturday @ 7pm! Come experience one of Druid Hills' traditions!

Have Extra Desks - Notify Mr. Roberts (we have a teacher in need)

Collaborative Learning Groups - Required Meeting - Wednesday during Planning

Here are the room locations for Wednesdays meetings, which occur at the beginning of each period. I look forward to collaborating with you!

1st - 200A

2nd - 202A

3rd - 108C

4th - 507C

Fire Drill: January 30 at the end of D Lunch

Students at lunch will report to the field. Teachers whose students have D lunch should report to the field to join their students.

Student Progress Communication Reminders

The end of the first 4.5 weeks is almost two weeks away. This is a great time to review your gradebooks to identify students at risk of failing (73 and below) or whose grades are showing rapid decline (i.e. from an A to a B).

Please begin communicating with the parents NOW and REGULARLY to keep them informed regarding student progress. Do NOT assume all parents are utilizing Infinite Campus to monitor their students - it is ultimately YOUR responsibility to keep parents and students informed of progress in your class. If a parent doesn't respond via email, continue to email them, but follow-up (and document) with a phone call or letter. It is always better to be proactive and consistent.

If you haven't already, please begin actively working with those students who are at risk of failing. Make sure you are providing accommodations if they are ELL, SWD, or 504 students. Hold progress talks with these students and allow them appropriate supports to recover. Provide interventions both during and after the school day.

Note: Infinite campus provides various ways of documenting communications with students and parents (i.e. communication log, notes beside assignment) - it is to your advantage to utilize them.

Please note that sending deficiency reports are REQUIRED at the end of the grading period for students at risk of failing. Parents expect to see these reports and they are often one of the most frequently questions asked during Administrator-Teacher-Parent meetings regarding grade concerns.

Please contact Mr. Joyner with any questions. Thank you!

9th - 11th Grade Advisement

It's that time of year again where students have the opportunity to select their classes for next school year! As always, we need your help in making the academic advisement process a success.

This year we are revamping the process of student advisement and are planning to advise most students by class. This means that you will bring your entire class to the media center, at a designated time, to be advised by the counselors. Students will listen to a grade level specific presentation, and then get on the computer to select some of their courses. Students will then "check out" with their individual counselor and then walk back with you to class. We ask that you stay in the media center during your class's designated advisement time.

Students will be using their individual Infinite Campus logins to access course selections. In your mailbox, you will find a sheet for students to sign if they cannot access their Infinite Campus account. Please return this sheet to Ms. Swanson's mailbox by Friday, February 3rd. Ms. Swanson will give the students who sign the sheet a default password of "dekalb533". Their username is "s" plus their student number.

You'll find a schedule attached with your designated time, date, and class period. Please feel free to reach out to any of the counselors with questions.

RtI Recommendations - From Ms. Darden

Just a reminder that we need recommendations for RTI students.. Some of you have sent emails with your recommendations. Thank you so much. If you are having difficulty finding the form, go to the One Drive and click Shared With Me. Then go to the Data Room, click RTI 2016-17, click Focus on Five. If a student's name is already on the list, you don't need to recommend them again.


We are beginning the process of identifying an initial pool of students who may benefit from receiving targeted reading interventions to become more successful in the classroom. If you have identified students from last semester’s classes, for whom reading is a challenge, please take a moment to submit their names for additional screening.

In the same manner as last semester, we are asking that teachers create a list of up to five 9th, 10th, or 11th graders, from each of your previous classes who exhibit academic or behavioral deficiencies. ELL’s and students with 504s are eligible to receive services, however, this does not include students who are currently receiving special education services. An excel spreadsheet has been shared with you in the RtI 2016-2017 subfolder in the OneDrive Data Room. Please reference the document from last semester to avoid duplicate submissions. It is not necessary to resubmit a student's name that is already on the list.

Advanced Placement Summer Institute Scholarships

APSIs offer weeklong professional development programs where educators can network with peers and learn about tools and resources that inspire success in Advanced Placement® classrooms.

Each year, the AP Fellows program provides scholarships of $1,000 to AP teachers toward APSI tuition, travel, and expenses. These scholarships are available to teachers who are teaching in the 2017-18 academic year at schools where at least 50 percent of the student population consists of underrepresented minorities (African American, Hispanic/Latino, and/or Native American students) and/or at least 50 percent of the student population qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch (DHHS qualifies).

Applications will be accepted until February 15, 2017.

Congratulations Wet Devils!

Congratulations to the following swimmers who will be competing at the State Meet in two weeks at Georgia Tech:

Rand Herbik

Ted Shephard

Jack Purdy

Jerry Hudspeth

Lee Haber

Lisa Medford

Lydia Medford

Kylie McArthur

Maeve Konouck

Paper Usage

Druid Hills High School spends thousands of dollars on paper. I understand it is (in moderation) necessary for instructional success. With that said, I am alarmed by the amount of unclaimed print-outs, which means Druid Hills is throwing away money that could be used for other essential instructional purposes (i.e. techology upgrades). Please be thoughtful when you are copying and/or printing - only print what you need. You are also encouraged to reuse paper instead of simply throwing it into the recycling bin. Thank you!

HVAC System - From Mr. Roberts

It's January and the outdoor temps are expected to reach seventy plus degrees today. There may be some precipitation expected in the next twenty four hours but warmer temperature are expected to follow next week.

By large, our systems operate on water temperatures. During the winter months warm water is pumped into the system to keep your lovely bodies warm. During the summer months, cold water is pumped into the system to cool you down.

The county goes through great lengths to switch from one mode to the other as you may recall a few sub freezing days ago. Once the switch has been made we are in that particular mode until the switch is made again.

Unlike our homes, I can not take your area from heat to A/C but the county can as a whole.

The best I can tell you you is to advise your students and yourselves to dress in layers. Finally, if you insist, I can attempt to isolate your individual unit and shut it down all together.

From Mr. Roberts

If you have any light out in your classroom please notify me immediately even if it's only one or two lamps in a fixture. We want to ensure all students have the best illumination available in your classroom.

We also want to provide the same for your work areas as well.

W2s are Now Available in WebPay

Here are some instructions for accessing your W2s online:

  1. First-Time Login
  2. Password Retrieval
  3. Viewing your W2s

This Week

Monday, January 23

EOC Mid-Month thru 1/27/17
9th Grade Basketball vs Heritage @ DHHS 4p
JV G/B Basketball vs Chamblee @ DHHS 5:30p (Joyner)

Tuesday, January 24
Free Teacher YOGA outside Media Center 3:30p
V G/B Basketball vs Arabia Mtn @ DHHS 5:30/7p (Joyner)
Wrestling Creekside @ SWD 5p (Alexander)

Wednesday, January 25
PLC During Planning
JV G/B Basketball vs MLK @ DHHS 5p (Ingram)
Co-Teacher Meeting 3:30 MC

Thursday, January 26
Blood Drive Gym

Stunt Night Uhry Theater 7p (Jackson)
9th Grade Basketball 1st Round Playoffs thru 1/28

Friday, January 27
V G/B Basketball vs Salem @ DHHS 6/7:30p (Alexander)

Saturday, January 28
Wrestling Area Championship @ DHHS 9a (Jackson, Cunningham)
JV G/B Basketball @ Henry Co. 4:30/6p (Alexander)

Stunt Night Uhry Theatre 7p (Cunningham)

Coming Soon

2/1/17 - Faculty Meeting, Soccer Banquet
2/2/17 - NHS Induction Ceremony
2/417 - DHHS Annual Auction

Duty Assignments

AM Duty/PM Bus Duty
Cafeteria: MIlls
Cafeteria: Radcliff
Science Bldg: E. Robinson
Gym: Allen
Gym: Edmonds
Bus Duty: Mariney
Bus Duty: S. Miller

Lunch Duty
A Lunch: Hart
B Lunch: Lucas
C Lunch: Reiss
D Lunch: McConnell

Tardy Table
1st: Jeffrey
2nd: Griffith
4th: Heard