Rough Draft Corrections


Common Mistakes!

For this assignment, you will make corrections on your essay based on the letter grade you have earned. What you will need to do is find examples of the following kinds of mistakes in your paper. You will then write down your mistake, explain what is wrong, and explain what it should be. The amount of mistakes you need to find is based on the grade you earned on your rough draft. YOU ARE NOT REWRITING THE ESSAY... yet. All you are doing is charting your mistakes, explaining what is wrong, and fixing it. You must turn in your original rough draft with this assignment.

How many mistakes do you need to find and fix?

Look at the grade on your paper.

A: You need to find 2 mistakes

B: You need to find 4 mistakes

C: You need to find 6 mistakes

D: You need to find 8 mistakes

F: You need to find 10 mistakes

Mistakes that were commonly made

*MLA format errors (see handout)
*No clear thesis
-It needs to have the title of the work, the author, and answer to the prompt
*Less than 2 quotes per body paragraph, or more than 3 quotes per body paragraph
*Quotes are not embedded
*Quotes are too long (Use snippets: 2-5 words)
*Citations are done incorrectly
*No excuse words used incorrectly
*Run-on sentences
*Topic sentences don't make claims
*Spelling/punctuation mistakes