Grade 2 Newsletter

Week 8 Christmas Term 26th September 2014


The children have been busy this week learning about bones, muscles and the life cycle. They thoroughly enjoyed displaying their knowledge by placing bone labels on their parent's bodies at the Celebration of learning event on Thursday. Thank you to parents for participating in the learning activity this week. It was a definite highlight for your child.

Next week, we learn which foods belong into which food group and we begin to create a balanced menu.

PE this week integrated perfectly with our unit, as the children investigated what happens to their resting heart rate when they exercise. ICT was used an a tool for gathering data, as they used an Ipad app to test their heart rate.

Language Arts


We have continued the Café Strategy ‘Making Mental Images’, by thinking about how words give us vivid images. This will continue next week during 'Book Week' as we read and share many stories.


In Writing Workshop, we continued to explore Personal Narratives through diary entries. The children enjoyed reading and listening to stories such as 'Diary of a Fly', 'Diary of a Worm' and 'Diary of a Wombat'. They then wrote daily diary entries into their Language Arts books.

Our Handwriting focused on the joined-up letters of ‘sl’.


We have been learning the spelling sound /ou/ and /ow/. Next Week, our spelling sound will be /wh/ and /ph/ words. You will find the words in the home learning section of this newsletter.

The Grammar focus was nouns - we continued to look at common nouns. We will be adding proper nouns to our learning well next week.


In Maths this week, we continued working on our subtraction within 1000 chapter and also learned more mental subtraction strategies. We practised using the written method to subtract numbers that need renaming/regrouping and can now also check our answers by using addition. Next week, we will learn how to subtract from a hundred (400 - 156) and will consolidate our learning from this unit.

Home Learning

Maths: Please complete the maths homework booklet on simple subtraction within 1000 (with renaming/regrouping). This is a consolidation of last week’s maths.

Try these websites for fun maths games:

Don't forget to sign onto Studyladder to play the addition and subtraction games set up by your teacher.

IPC: Your child has brought home an assignment which is due on Wednesday 8th October. It is a simple quiz displayed in any way they wish which includes 8 to 10 questions (don't forget to hide the answers somewhere).

Spelling: This week’s words include the sounds /ph/ and /wh/.

The words are: whiskers, whale, graph, chain, parachute, photograph, character and two words from your respective class.

Spelling Activities booklet choice is on Thursday.

Handwriting: Please see your child’s Home Learning Notebook for the joined up letters practice page.

Reading: Read for 10 to 20 minutes each night.



Book Week

To end a fun filled 'Book Week' next week, the theme for the book week parade is 'Magic, Mystery and Mayhem'! The children are getting excited thinking about how to create their costume.