Redeemer Students Newsletter

January 8

RSM Wednesday

Our first Wednesday night of the year is this week. We will have tacos (hard and soft) for dinner tomorrow night, so come hungry (but not too hungry...boys).

We will spend time catching up and jumping into our introductory section of the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7).

Walk for Life, January 12

Redeemer will have a s’more station set up at the family fun fest. You can sign up here for a shift.
Information on how to register for the Walk for Life can be found at

Time: 10:30am to 1:30pm
Location: Denton Civic Center

We have a Team for Redeemer Denton and you can support here ( if you would like to give

I want to invite anyone to come and walk with me as well or to sign up for a shift to help serve s'mores!

Please come out show your support!

Redeemer Student Ministry Calendar!

  • 9 - RSM: Wild Wednesday
  • 12 - Walk for Life
  • 13 - The Landing
  • 16 - RSM
  • 23 - RSM
  • 27 - The Landing
  • 30 - RSM


  • 6 - RSM
  • 10 - The Landing
  • 13 - RSM
  • 20 - RSM
  • 24 - The Landing
  • 27 - RSM

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If you are not currently on our text list please let me know so I can add you. We use Remind and I send out our weekly newsletter as well as reminders for upcoming events.

Redeemer Student Ministry: Wednesday Night

We are continuing through our Fall Identity series. For October we will be looking at things that can get in the way of our finding our identity in Christ. This week we will be discussing how our friendships shape us and how we ought to think about how to be the type of friend that honors God.

Remember to bring your Bibles.

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