Thurston County 4-H News

November & December 2015

Nebraska Extension - Thurston County

Jennifer E. Hansen, Extension Educator,

Keith J. Jarvi, Extension Educator,

Stacey Keys, 4-H Assistant,

Upcoming Dates

Dec 11 - Office Closed - Jennifer and Stacey out of the office

Dec 17 - Office Closed - Jennifer and Stacey out for a meeting

Dec 24-25 - Office Closed - Christmas

Dec 29 - Trophy Trip @ 10 am

Jan 1 - Office Closed - Happy New Year!

Jan 6 - 4-H District Career Portfolio's DUE @ Extension Office

Jan 11 - 4-H Council Meeting

Jan 18 - Office Closed - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan 26-29 - Office Closed - Jennifer and Stacey out for meetings

Jan 31 - Thurston County 4-H Kick-Off @ Pender Lanes (1-4 pm)

Feb 6 - Dakota-Thurston County Beef Weigh-In @ Pender Sale Bar (9:00-10:30)

Feb 8 - Joint 4-H Council Meeting @ Pender (7:00 pm)

Feb 15 - Office Closed - Presidents' Day

Feb 16 - 4-H Enrollment & Volunteer Screening DUE

Out of the Office

There are several upcoming days when Jennifer and Stacey will be out of the office for meetings, conferences, and training's. If you need us Dec 11, Dec 17, or Jan 26-29, email or leave a voicemail and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Holiday Hours

The office will be closed December 24-25 for the Christmas Holiday. Need anything email or leave a voicemail. And have a very Happy Holiday season from Nebraska Extension in Thurston County.

Thanks for Another Great Year!

It has been a wonderful year for Thurston County 4-Hers! The Career Portfolios are finished and the 4-H Achievement Banquet is done. Be sure to find the time to say “thank you” to the special individuals recognized as valuable contributors to the 4-H program at the banquet. Volunteers are essential to the structure and survival of the 4-H program. The Extension Staff is honored to work with all of the volunteers “To Make the Best Better” in Thurston County!

Now is the time to start planning for the new 4-H year. It is important to remember that the evaluation process is the final step for a 4-Her to examine their knowledge and skills learned for the year, and how to apply it to the future. Just look how each “H” relates to the Career Portfolio.

Head: Goal setting, decision making, planning and organizing

Heart: Relating to others, caring about others

Hands: Giving through community service, being a responsible citizen

Health: Living with healthy lifestyle choices, showing good character

Here area few suggestions to get started for the new year:

  • Write down some goals that you might want to accomplish this year.
  • Download the next pin application with the Diamond Clover Program to review the accomplishments needed to complete the form.

Brainstorm ideas on how to expand your citizenship and leadership activities to strengthen your Career Portfolio, there are grants available for youth to apply to make a difference in their community. If you have received an award and would like to order a plaque, you can contact the extension office. The cost will be $15.

Thurston County 4-H Kick Off Party

Thurston County 4-H Kick Off Party will be on Sunday, January 31st from 1- 4 pm at Pender Lanes, in Pender. All Thurston County 4-H’ers, their families and friends are invited to attend. You will be able to enjoy an afternoon of FREE bowling followed by a pizza party.

Dakota-Thurston County Fair Dates 2016

The Dakota-Thurston County Fair will be August 3-7, 2016. Pre-fair judging events will be July 31-August 2. Watch the newsletter and Facebook for more information.

Member Information

4-H Online Enrollment and Re-Enrollment

Remember how last year we all had to learn something new when it came to enrolling for 4-H online? Guess what? This year nothing's changing and you're all going to be pros. There are step by step sheets at For both new families and families that already have profiles. If you already have a profile make sure you DO NOT make a new profile.

Ok there is one new thing. But it's just for VOLUNTEERS. If you are a volunteer for our program we also need to you enroll in our online database. The office manually put those of you from last year in the system so you have profiles. Again step by step information can be found at

If anyone of you has questions please call the office and we'll do our best to work through any issues.

Nebraska 4-H Club of the Month

Each month, a 4-H club will be chosen as the Nebraska 4-H Club of the Month. In order to be chosen, 4-H clubs must nominate themselves by application the second Friday of the month before. Each club chosen will receive a $50 cash card from the Nebraska 4-H Foundation along with a certificate that the club can display. The Club of the Month’s story will be featured on the Nebraska 4-H Foundation Facebook and Twitter pages, website, and blog. More information can be found at

Ideas for Clover Colleges

Next year’s fair seems far away but we are already looking to see how we can help you accomplish the projects that you plan on completing. We are working on organizing our Clover College opportunities for 2014. Please share your ideas and possible resources with us. If you saw an exhibit at the fair this summer and think that it would be a great workshop topic, we are always open to suggestions!

2016 Special Garden Project!

The Special Garden Project is a way to offer 4-H members the chance to grow unusual and fun projects in their gardens. Last year over 1600 packets of carrot seeds were distributed across the state. 4-H members told me what they wanted to grow and this year the Special Garden Project is focused on the colorful, Jazzy Mix Zinnia. This cultivar comes in shades of burgundy-red, red, yellow, and orange with cream, red, or yellow tips. The 1-2” blooms are fully-double and semi-double. These zinnias are a great cut flower that can get 20-26” tall. On average it will take about 75-85 days for the plants to bloom.

4-H’ers enrolled in the Special Garden Project will:

* Receive a ‘packet’ of Jazzy Mix Zinnias (one packet per youth) in March

* Receive a newsletter about:

· Planting & growing zinnias

· Zinnia problems & insects

· Harvesting & using zinnias

· Exhibiting zinnias

* Be able to enter this unique flower at County and State Fair

2016 4-H Photography Nebraska Exhibit Theme

Nebraska Exhibit Print: Help us celebrate the national “4-H Grows Here” campaign. For both Unit II and Unit III will capture photos of people and places that illustrate 4-H growing and thriving in Nebraska! Your photos should tell a story about how “4-H Grows Here” in your local community. Please print and include the 4-H Grows Here! logo in your photos. The logo can be accessed at

Animal Science News

Beef Weigh-In

The Dakota-Thurston County Market Beef Weigh-In will be held on Saturday, February 6, 2016, from 9:00-10:30 a.m. at the Pender Livestock Sale Barn in Pender. This will be our only weigh-day. All 4-H members who plan to exhibt market beef (market steer or market heifer) will need to plan on bringing their project to weigh day to have it identified. For those planning to exhibit at State Fair or Ak-Sar-Ben will also need to have DNA taken (at cost of $6 per head) as well as use an EID ear tag ($2/head). The snow date for the weigh-in will be February 13th.

Stock Show University Grad Program

It is a two day cattle educational program that is FREE for anyone to attend. It will be held at Northeast Community College in Norfolk, Neb on December 12 & 13. Stock Show University Grad Programs are designed to provide each participant with a hands-on learning experience from the best professionals in the beef cattle show industry. Each participant is encouraged to bring their calf and all the equipment you would bring to a show. We provide professors that work one on one with each participant in a comprehensive hands-on program. Our professors teach all the new industry techniques from feeding your show prospect all the way to show day preparation. We want all 4-H members to have the opportunity to participate and know about our program. If you don’t mind taking a look at this flyer and passing it on to the local 4-H clubs it would be greatly appreciated! Again, Stock Show University is a completely free program offered to anyone who wants to learn more about their livestock project! Any help would be appreciated! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at or at 1-800-475-5902.

To register for the Stock Show University Grad Program please click on the link below.

Please register by December 7th.

4-H Horse Stampede

4-H Horse Stampede is being held the same date, March 12, 2016 at the Animal Science Complex on UNL’s East Campus. Entries are due to county offices on Feb. 12th. Contests include:

· Demonstrations (individual and team)

· Public speaking

· Quiz bowl

· Photography and art contests

More information available at:

Companion Animal Challenge

The second 4-H Companion Animal Challenge will be held on March 12, 2016 at the Animal Science Complex on UNL’s East Campus. It provides youth a chance to participate in a variety of contests that do not require animals, but allow youth to learn more about their dog or other companion animals. Entries are due Feb. 19th. Contests include:

· Demonstrations (a presentation where youth demonstrate how to complete a task or related to the care of their companion animal)

· Photography and art contests (open to all companion animal projects)

· Dog Skill-a-thon

· Dog quiz bowl

The youth who participated in the event last year said that it was fun and they learned a lot. Youth do not need to be experts to participate in the event.

More information available at:

2016 Nebraska District 4-H Horse Shows

  • June 13 - Kearney
  • June 14 - Chadron
  • June 15 - McCook
  • June 16 - Leigh
  • June 17 - Bloomfield
  • June 21 - Lincoln

All entries are due to the county office by May 13, 2016. All Level testing required for participation in the 2016 District 4-H Horse Show MUST be completed by May 13, 2016.

All entries fro the State Horse Show much be mailed by May 13, 2016. These include Showmanship, Halter, All Cattle Classes, Hunter Hack, Dressage, Advanced Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Western Pleasure and Horsemanship, Trail, 2 year old and 3 year old Western Pleasure and Working Ranch.

2016 Fonner Park State 4-H Horse Show July 10-14, 2016!

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Achievement Night Awards

Clover Kid Participation Awards

Adelyn Kneifl

Cash French

Dillion Fackler

Dillion Sanderson

Dylan Mahaney

Farris Swinton

Haeden Paeper

Jenni Olson

Joshua Luedert

Kaddo Schrunk

Kaitlyn Mahaney

Khloe Swanson

Lane Kelly

Lauren Anderson

Liam Paeper

Logan Timm

Natalie Bonneau

Nathaneal Sanderson

Owen Kneifl

Owen Larsen

Shaylee Sanderson

Trey Cook

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Career Portfolio County Awards

Junior Awards

Beef – Gracie Slaughter

Dog – Colton Sanderson

Rabbit -Ross Tremayne

Sheep – Owen VanKirk

Swine – Owen VanKirk

Clothing & Textiles – Codi Olson

Fashion Revue – Codi Olson

Public Speaking – Mason Bodlak

Bread – Colton Sanderson

Achievement - Codi Olson


Ag. Achievement – Ross Tremayne

(animal & plant)

Boys Record Book – Evan English

Girls Record Book – Jacie Bonneau

Jr Camp Scholarship – Codi Olson

Junior - Ponca Day Camp

Junior 4-Her's who completed their record books will receive a certificate to go to Ponca Day Camp.

  • Seth Stanga

  • Rylie Bonneau

  • Jacie Bonneau

  • Ella Bruns

  • Isabella Bonneau

  • Gracie Slaughter

  • Ross Tremayne

  • Evan English

  • Owen VanKirk

  • Graysen Briggs

  • Colton Sanderson

  • Codi Olson

  • Mason Bodlak

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Intermediate Awards

Beef – Tyra Bonneau

Cat – Carley Hofmeister

Dog – Carley Hofmeister

Horse – Cydnee Bonsall

Poultry – Erika Paeper

Sheep – Alexis Bodlak

Swine – Colton Briggs

Rabbits – Chase Hofmeister

Presentations – Alexis Bodlak

Public Speaking – Alexis Bodlak

Ag. Achievement – Ashley Ostrand

(animal & plant)

Gardening – Ashley Ostrand

Citizenship – Tyra Bonneau

Leadership – Tyra Bonneau

Safety – Erika Paeper

Girls Record Book – Ashley Ostrand

Int. Camp Scholarship – Alexis Bodlak
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Senior Awards

Beef – Tiahna Bonneau

Sheep – Tanner Bonneau

Swine – Kariden Briggs

Goat – Kariden Briggs

Home Environment – Ty Hermelbracht

Photography – Ty Hermelbracht

Achievement – Dylan Slaughter


Ag. Achievement – Lexi Ostrand

(Animal & plant)

Leadership – Dylan Slaughter

Citizenship – Kobe Slaughter

Floriculture – Lexi Ostrand

Gardening – Lexi Ostrand

Boys Record Book – Ty Hermelbracht

Girls Record Book – Amber English
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4-Her Participation Certificates

2 years

Brieann Bruns

Brody Koopman

Claire Felber

Dillon Fackler

Elijah Nelson

Isabella Bonneau

Isabelle Felber

Jacob Bruns

Kaddo Schrunk

Kennedy Morgan

Logan Timm

Londyn Nelson

McKinley Morgan

Michelle Hallstrom

Natalie Bonneau

Owen Kneifl

Owen VanKirk

Reanna Hallstrom

Reese Kneifl

Trent Hansen

Trista Hansen

5 years

Alexandria Luedert

Amber English

Emily Luedert

Hunter Stanga

Jacie Bonneau

Lillie Timm

Lucas Timm

Rylie Bonneau

8 years

Ashley Ostrand

Karlee Johnson

Morgan Bonneau

Tiahna Bonneau

Tyra Bonneau

10 years

Cole Hofmeister

Derek Ahlers

Lauren Ahlers

Lexi Ostrand

4-H Graduates

Derek Ahlers

Dylan Slaughter

Lexi Ostrand

4-H Leaders

The following 4-H Leaders are recognized for their years of service to the Thurston County 4-H Program:

2 years

Anthony Briggs

Ray Sanderson

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District Record Book Nominees

Lexi Ostrand - Animal Science

Ty Hermelbracht - Animal Science

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