Where I Stand

My vision for Markham

Bus / Transit

Bus and transit is one of the challenges for Markham residents due Markham's rapid growth. Markham needs Improved and more frequent VIVA and GO services during peak periods. It will be great to have the Yonge subway line extended to areas north of Finch. In addition, the increase for the bus fare should not be too high (currently it is $4 one way for one zone) so that it is more affordable. The affordable bus fares will encourage more people to use public transit and reduce the congestion of cars on the roads.

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Incredible way of future transportation-Straddling Bus(3D bus)

Road maintenance

The time spent on roads repair is long. The roads closure date usually exceeds the target date of completion. Roads closures and detours is a headache for commuters. Weather does play a role in slowing down the roads repair projects, but with proper planning, the roads repair projects should meet the dead line. Proper planning and schedules will be an asset,

Snow removal

The city of Markham follows a set of standards for snow removal in the winter months. The major roads are usually well salted and plowed. Unfortunately, the residents who live on the local roads and lanes have problems getting out to the major roads because their roads and lanes are snow-packed. I believe the city of Markham can investigate and fine an economical solution to the situation. It is dangerous to drive on snow-packed and icy roads. Perhaps the city of Markham can try to reduce the snow banks blocking the drive ways as well.
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