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Michelangelo's early life

One of the artist from Europe during the Renaissance time was Michelangelo Buonarroti. He was born in a city called Caprese, Italy on march the sixth of 1475. Michelangelo's mother couldn't take care of him because she was ill. She sent Michelangelo to go live with a stone-cutter and his wife. Michelangelo's mother died when he was six years old. Michelangelo was raised the stone-cutter.

Michelangelo Training

Michelangelo's father was working for the government, he had some government position. Michelangelo had no interest in school, so he quit school, but his father did not want Michelangelo to be an artist. When Michelangelo was 13 years of age he went to pursued his dream and was working for Domenico Ghirlandaio as a painter. After a year of working for Domenico Michelangelo went to study for sculpture and anatomy at the school of Medici Gardens. Michelangelo improved his sculptural skills in clay and marble. There Michelangelo met some of the Important scientist, and poets of that time.

MIchelangelo's career

After attending the school of medici Gardens Michelangelo was working for the king of Florence. After the king death Michelangelo went back to his family home and studied more. In 1508 the pope Julius the second invited him to Rome to paint the Sistine Chapel. Michelangelo saw himself as a sculpture not a painter. That why when the pope asked him to decorate the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Rome. At the top of the Sistine Chapel it shows the 9 scenes from Genesis.
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One Of Michelangelo's Famous Work

The statue of David is one of michelangelo famous work

  1. It 17 ft tall
  2. It made out of marbles
  3. Michelangelo worked on the statue of David for three years
  4. the statue was a symbol of the Florence republic
  5. The statue was also a gift from Authority the medici to the city
The statue's body is muscular and athletic build. His right hand is larger than the left and he carries a rock on his right hand.
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Michelangelo, David, marble, 1501-04 (Galleria dell'Accademia, Florence)