Ice Fishing

All you need to know about ice fishing.

How long does it take from getting out of bed to getting out on the ice?

If you are very serious about getting out on the ice it can take you probably 20 minutes. It depends on how close you live to the ice, whether you eat at your house, and what kind of person you are (a slow moving person or a fast moving person).
Biggest Brown Trout In The World Ice Fishing

What equipment do I need for ice fishing?

You need a fishing pole, bait probably little maggots on a hook or a fake maggot with a hook attached on it those are called "Jigs". You will also need an auger which is a twisted blade that goes up to a handle which you put on the ice a twist until it gets through to the water. These blades can be from 4-12 inches around it depends on how big of a fish you are trying top catch.

1. Cut a hole through the ice with your auger.

2. Lower the bait or the jig down through the ice.

3. Have fun and catch some fish.


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