High Tea 15 March 2020

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IT ALL BEGAN... 1996, a flowering camellia, in the Waikato, inspired Vincent Chen: Tea is a kind of camellia… maybe tea could grow here too. A dream was born. Starting with only 130 tea cuttings, Vincent learned the art of tea in New Zealand’s unique and pure environment.

Today, over 1.2 million tea plants thrive in the estate as a testimony to that dream and a promise of the only true New Zealand tea. Zealong – 100% certified organic, traceable, and produced without compromise. (Info from


Start with your choice of complimentary Zealong tea and begin your culinary experience.

A thoughtfully crafted savoury and sweet selection to complement your Zealong tea served amidst breath-taking views of the Waikato region.

There is a beautiful walk in between the Tea House and the main retail boutique building, which contains some statues and art. This is free of charge and open to the public.

NB.The menu below is representative, as the Signature High Tea changes seasonally to showcase fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.


Finger Sandwich

Traditional multi-grain Club Sandwich with orange marmalade, roasted red pepper, cucumber, mesclun, ricotta cheese and sundried tomato cream

Smoked Salmon Blinis

Smoked salmon on fluffy blinis, cream cheese infused with Zealong’s Green Tea and dill, and finished with wasabi avocado puree

Gazpacho & Prawn

Strawberry gazpacho infused with refreshing balsamic vinegar, first-press olive oil and served with Zealong’s Green Tea poached prawn

Octopus Salsa

Zealong’s Green Tea infused octopus, mixed with pepper salsa on a squid ink cracker with sriracha mayo

Mediterranean Quiche

Classic Mediterranean quiche with leeks, spinach, basil and cherry tomatoes sprinkled with Greek feta and olive crumb

Vegetarian Wonton

Vegetarian wonton served with sweet chilli sauce and spring onion relish

Chocolate Delight

Dark chocolate and caramel pave, served in a dark chocolate cup topped with raspberry jelly and garnished with freeze dried raspberry and chocolate twister

Blueberry Tea Cake

Zealong’s Black Tea Sponge served with blueberry cream and crisp blueberry Sweet Amber tea

Lemon Curd Semifreddo

Creamy lemon mousse layered with minted pea puree, finished with Zealong’s Chai Tea biscuit and freeze-dried lemon


Crispy Macaron with creamy pistachio filling, garnished with Zealong's sweet Amber Tea

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