The History of the WWW

By Simon Botros

The Birth of the First Thinking Machine

Alan turing was the first man to make a machine that could think this machine could do things which did not need the hands of a human. On the note of Alan turing he also had a major affect on the birth of the WWW which i will be talking about in my next section.

The World Wide Web

The WWW was created by Sir tim berners-lee in the early 80s he used the art of hypertext and networks to get us to veiw documents all over the world.

What is a computer

In a simple way a computer is a more complex thinking machine; with the computer it can store and produce data. Finally, we can communicate and transfer data all over the globe.

Here are some of the major computer bits and bobs...

Big image


This is the what i would call the major part of a computer hence the name MOTHERboard. i think it is major because it is what links all the thing together.

Thank you for reading!