Montgomery Bus Boycott

December 1, 1955

Boycott the Buses

This boycott is to bring attention to the unfair segregation rules that exist for riding the bus. One of our own, Rosa Parks, has been arrested for not bending to these rules.

Why are we doing this?

We are boycotting because Rosa Parks was arrested for not moving for a white person on the city bus. This is in attempts to bring attention to the inequality of the bus system, once this is heard of nationally with hopes of it being declared unconstitutional. The boycotting will also be in attempts to cripple the city transportation so they realize what money they could lose out on if things don't change.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Thursday, Dec. 1st 1955 at 7am

Montgomery, AL, United States

Montgomery, AL

This is a major setback for many people still needing to get places where the bus typically would, for this we have come up with the idea of carpooling to help assist in transporting others around town.

Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks has been arrested for fighting for her rights by not giving up her bus seat. She is currently in jail but met with Martin Luther King Jr to plan this boycott. Parks is the final straw to all of this and is a leader for all of us.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King is another major advocate for us in this struggle. He has organized this boycott after talking with Rosa Parks in jail. This isn't his first project to help with our rights either so he is a good man to trust with this.