March on Washington

Katja Kijak-Bonning

Background Information

  • In 1963, a march had taken place for jobs and freedom
  • In 1963, racial discrimination was a big problem in towns and cities
  • The march was held August 28th, 1963
  • Martin Luther King, Jr, and A. Philip Randolph organized the march

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Events before the Protest

  • Emmett Till was an African American teenager from Chicago who was beaten and killed while on a trip in Mississippi
  • Blacks were not allowed to vote, or get good jobs( or any jobs really)

Information About Protest

  • The people marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial
  • A total of about 250,000 people both white and African American marched.

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Effects of the Protest

  • The "I Have a Dream" speech became the symbol of the civil rights movement
  • The law stating to protect the civil rights of all U.S citizens was passed in 1964
  • Because of the civil rights movement, congress passed several laws to eliminate discrimination

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Assessment Question

Question: "how did the participants demonstrate their belief system through their protests?"

People like Martian Luther King Jr. and A. Philip Randolph demonstrated their belief through a march and inspiring speeches to get his point across. They never resorted to violence and didn't fight, they only spoke.

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