Come On Out!!!

You Will Regret It If You Miss It!

Protest The Alien and Sedition Acts

Come on down to the White House this saturday at 10:00 a.m. Its suppose to be a little cold ,so bring a jacket! They passed the laws that are not okay with us,and we have to let them know that. Everyone bring your sign,and put what you think, these laws are not okay and you do not want to miss this event.The laws can cause harm to the government and we have the freedom of speech,so whats the most they can do? Lets be loud and proud this saturday,and I cant wait to see you there lets see what they think about those apples!


You have to come to let everyone know we are standing against this! I hope I see you there and it will be a day we will all remember because we are all standing up for what we believe in!We all know what we are doing LETS PROTEST AND NOT BE A GUEST!