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Elections Are Coming Up!

Elections are coming up in April. The FSP board elections are held in April. The 157C school board elections are held in April.

The FSP is still looking for interested parents to run for the FSP board. Please contact if you have any questions.

The 157C school board has 3 seats that are up for election. The seats are currently held by Gina Briese, Brian Sasso, and Mike Turner. The following are running for these open seats: Gina Briese, Brett Cosich, and Chris McFadden.

What's Going On?

Orders Due For Manna Gift Card Spring Sale

Did you get your orders in? If you didn't and still want to order contact Meghan Brown today and let her know. Order forms were sent home around February 8th to the youngest family member in school so that you can see all the opportunities to shop for gift cards. Remember you are getting exactly what you pay for and that is why we love this program.

Gift Cards will be distributed to you on March 14th at Grand Prairie Book Fair Family Night.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the chair people:

Grand Prairie and On-Line Ordering

Meghan Brown -


Victoria Lanigan -

Hickory Creek

Laurie Nicholson -

Around the World coming up Thursday, March 9th

All volunteers are in place and we are excited to celebrate "Around the World" Thursday, March 9th with our whole District 157C PreK-8th grade students and families! EVERYONE is welcome to our Hickory Creek Middle School from 5:30-8pm.

- Visit your friends' and their families as they dress up, decorate, and share their ethnic background and culture!

- Hope you bring your appetite because for the first time ever- we are having FOOD TRUCKS! So bring your family to dinner at Hickory Creek!

Bring money to purchase your own food- try them all!

- FREE raffle tickets and great gift baskets to be WON- NO purchase necessary- just visit your friends at the country tables!

- Jr. ROTC will be collecting handwritten Postcards to our troops!

- LW East students will represent future foreign language in our high school!

- Our own Mayor Holland, village officials, and community members will be stopping by to visit!

- Fun FREE give-a-ways throughout the night in different areas!

- Frankfort Television will be filming!

- Frankfort Library will be promoting how to trace your heritage!

- Language Stars & Frankfort Park District will be promoting their classes!

Did we mention FREE fun give-ways, raffle baskets, and FOOD TRUCKS!!

Thursday, March 9th!

Questions please don't hesitate to email Kris McGuire

Book Fairs are Coming in March!

Our spring book fairs are coming this March.

March 7th - 10th is Hickory Creek

March 13th - 17th is Grand Prairie

March 20th - 23rd is Chelsea

Yes, we will be looking for volunteers to help!

Here are the signup genius links:

Grand Prairie


Hickory Creek!/showSignUp/30e0e4fabab2da2fb6-hickory

Family Fitness and Nutrition Night - Your Amazing Pace! was Amazing

Family Fitness and Nutrition Night was Friday, February 24th, 2017. We had a wonderful turnout with lots of families. The Yoga paint and post race dance party was a big hit. Take a look at some of the fun.

Thank You to all the demonstrators, volunteers and the PE staff at GP for all the help that made this event so wonderful for 157C.

Big image

157C Night At The Slammers Game - Friday, June 23rd

Tickets are on sale for our 157C Night at the Joliet Slammers Game. Tickets for registered 157C students and teachers are FREE. Come on out and enjoy a fun game with your 157C friends. The Joliet Slammers will be playing the Windy City Thunderbolts. Game time is 7:05pm. You must submit an order form even though the tickets are FREE. At least one adult ticket must purchased on the order form with any FREE student orders.

The information flyer and ticket order form can be found on the 157C website under Virtual backpack.

Payment will be by check to FSP157C. Orders and payment should be in an envelope, turned in to your student's teacher no later than May 15th.

Earth Day Donation Drive is April 22nd

Are you ready for Spring Cleaning? Start saving all those unwanted clothing and household items.

FSP will be holding a Donation Drive to collect unwanted items like clothing, bedding, towels, shoes, accessories, books, and small household items. Drop off your items on Saturday, April 22nd at Grand Prairie and we will take them to Savers to be recycled. If you can't make it on Saturday you will have the opportunity to drop off items on the 21st and 22nd at all three schools.

This is a fundraiser and FSP will raise funds based on the amount that we collect. As always, FSP funds raised go to the FREE events we do for our 157C families and school district.

We will need some extra volunteers to help us move around all the donations. Please contact our Co-chairpersons Desiree Lavin ( or Jeannie Simonetti (, if you are available.

Dine and Donate

Looking ahead we will have Dine and Donate events as follows:

April 12th - Buffalo Wild Wings

We will continue to send out flyers for each event and place them on the virtual backpack as well. Thank You for your support.

Remind 101 FOR 157c Booster Events - Have you signed up?

If you would like that extra reminder via text the day of or the night before you can now sign up for the 157c Boosters Remind 101. This will include reminders for Booster events like Hot Lunch as well as Family Nights and Fundraisers. To get these reminders please send a text with the following: @157cb to: 81010

Hot Lunch and Smoothie Sales

FSP has Hot Lunches this month:

March 1st at Hickory Creek

March 2nd at Grand Prairie

March 21st at Chelsea

March 22nd at Hickory Creek

March 23rd at Grand Prairie

FSP has Smoothies this month:

March 3rd at Chelsea

March 10th at Hickory Creek

March 17th at Grand Prairie

Please remember to check your Rev-Trak receipts. All hot lunch sales will be done through the 157c website on RevTrak. No paper forms will be used this year. The Rev-Trak site will allow credit card or check payments.

March hot lunch and smoothie sales are now closed.

You can still buy future lunches on-line as long as you purchase them by the 15th of the month before. For example any April hot lunches or smoothies need to be purchased by March 15th.

You can find the entire hot lunch and smoothie schedule with the menus and booster that is sponsoring that lunch on the 157c website.

Volunteer Opportunities

First of all, THANK YOU to all who volunteer to help our schools and the Family School Partnership. Caring adults have an important and lasting impact on children's lives and educations, and we're lucky to have so many caring adults in our schools!


Hickory Creek uses parent volunteers to take care of the much needed copying at school. If you are interested in helping out please go to the signup genius link below to see the days and times needed.

Hot Lunch Distribution SIGNUP GENIUS LINKS

FSP sells Hot Lunches and Smoothies in order to raise funds during the year. We need volunteers to help us distribute the lunches/smoothies to the students. The links below are to the SignUp Genius pages for each FSP Hot Lunch or Smoothie Day.

Regular Lunch Volunteers at Grand Prairie and Chelsea

FSP is no longer coordinating the day to day scheduling of regular lunch volunteers. The signup genius links for these schools are below. Thank You for your support!


Grand Prairie Gold/Green Lunchroom

Grand Prairie Purple Lunchroom



Grand Prairie Gold/Green Lunchroom

Grand Prairie Purple Lunchroom


Next FSP Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, March 7th, 9:30am

10480 Nebraska Street

Frankfort, IL

Everyone is welcome to come to the FSP meeting. This is where we discuss upcoming events and hot topics. The FSP Board is always present as well as the 157c Superintendent, Grand Prairie Principal, Chelsea Principal, and Hickory Creek Principal.

Your input is encouraged. We hold two meetings a year in the evening to allow working parents to join in.

About 157-c Family School Partnership (FSP)

We are the 157c Parent Teacher Organization. We are non-profit. We provide free family events as well as parent support, teacher appreciation, assembly funds, and curriculum enrichment. All parents with students in 157c are encouraged to help us. We can only do as much as we can with the volunteers that help. If you prefer not to support our fundraisers you can always support us by donating to our un-fundraiser. You can do this via Rev-Trak under FSP.

FSP meets monthly on the first Tuesday.

School Calendars

Since changes may be made to the calendars, please remember to update you iCal file periodically.

March Monthly School Newsletters

and March 6th, 2017 Booster E-Blast