Technology Class

Nicole LaBar



  • I learned that with the videos you make that you can add music to it.
  • You can also add pictures if you don't have enough video.
  • Finally I learned that you can edit your video so it looks more professional.


  • First you pick a theme from a wide variety of choices, the theme also comes with music.
  • Like iMovie, you can add pictures for more video.
  • You can also edit for the professional touch.

Haiku Deck

  • They have lots of different types of pictures from the theme of your presentation.
  • They have ways were you can organize your information.
  • You can also add banners to you title.

Explain Everything

  • You can choose from a variety of colors for you text.
  • They also have different fonts for you text.
  • You have an option to use a laser point on your presentation.

Go Animate

  • You select a theme that you want. The theme comes with it's own characters, but you get to pick the ones you like best.
  • On your presentation you can basically add anything to your room, office, etc.
  • Then you can add text and pick the voice you want to say something like "Our new building provides much more than the old one".


  • First you add the title to the flyer you are making, you can also say who it is by.
  • Then you can pick from a large variety of fonts, backgrounds, and colors.
  • You can also add pictures, videos, text, audio, bio, etc. to your flyer.