Adversities of the Great Ones



There are many people that have gone through and are going through adversities right now. People who go through adversities are usually the only ones that learn. The reason why they learn is because they have gone through struggles and know what to do next time something comes and they have learned from there mistakes. Perseverance is where someone is determined to do something and push through what ever is in there way and will make it to the top no matter what,

Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill was a man who was an idle to a lot of people.


Winston Churchill was a very important person in the history of Great Britain and the rest of the world. He was born November 30, 1874 in his grandfather’s home in Blenheim Palace in Marlborough England. He was a famous painter in part of his life, a famous author, a very famous speaker and a played a huge part in the government and war. He was very brave, lonely, an inspiration and a leader. He was very brave because he was captured and prisoned by the enemy for almost a month during war and was a war correspondent, he escaped and made it out safe. He was lonely because in my childhood he barely saw my parents, didn't have many friends but was a very intelligent child. He inspired people because he was the Prime Minister for six years and the Secretary of State for the Colonies. He was a leader because he led Great Britain in WW ll and was leading the soldiers in WW l. His childhood was very lonely without his parents most of the time and he was the best student in his school. He also spent his younger years with a nanny that died a few years later. A couple of my many accomplishments were that he became Prime minister for 6 years! Also he wrote many books about his life and is one of the most famous people of all time. One of the quotes that is the best of his was, "Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never- in nothing, great or small, large or petty- never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never yield to force. Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." That is a lot of peoples favorite quote that Winston Churchill said because everyone can use it about themselves or others.

Jackie Robinson

He was never combative when someone was racist to him or abused him physically or mentally
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Losing to Win

Problem Solution

One problem the girls that go to this school have is that their parents because they aren't very good or have done very bad things to them or to themselves and taught the kids very bad things. One of the many solutions is the kids could go and get help or help the parents stop what they are doing. This would be a benefit because it would help the parent’s problem and the kid’s problem possibly. This could also be harmful because the parent could get mad that someone is forcing them or asking them to sol something they may not want to stop. Therefore, if the situation is really that bad you can get the school or cops involved in the situation. As a complete result you can get help for a one of the kids by doing this.

Carry On

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Eleanor Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt was a lady that had to go through many many adversities. First she was born into a family that didn’t love because they wanted a boy and she was a girl. Next her parents had two boys, Elliott and Hall. They were loved more by her parents and from that she was lonely. After this her mom got very ill and died with only her dad and brothers left. Following that her brother became very ill from diphtheria and died and her dad became an alcoholic and died later on. She only had Hall and her grandmother left. After, in school she was called the ‘Ugly Duckling’ and was a very unattractive child. She made very few friend because of that. Often after school she would read alone. After a while she decided to join the track club at her school and she wanted to become tough. She was often invisible to her friends and teachers but she did well with academics. Some of her many triumphs or good things she did where she was born into a wealthy family and when her parents and brother passed she got all of their wealth. She then fell in love with the future president Franklin Delano Roosevelt. After he became president she worked with many charities and helped poor children. Also she helped out with a lot of work for Franklin because he got Polio and got paralyzed on the lower half of his body. Overall she was a great person and helped many many people do things and also helped America.

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Eleanor was a very nice woman who was also very brave.

How Can You Face Adversities?

What can people learn from looking at others and how they pushed through with all the adversities they had? Everyone can look and someone can be inspiring to them and they will want to do it like the person they saw did. They will be more determined then ever and face anything in there way. All in all, people all around the world in there everyday life will face some kind of adversities and will have perseverance to and will be triumphant when they reached there goal.