Digital Citizenship

By: Emma and Lily

What is a Digital Footprint?

A digital footprint lets people see every website you have been on. It lets people see everything you have been in on the computer. Like your posts and websites.
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Usernames and Password Rules

When you come up with a username or password do not use any personal information. For example do not do something like this: Lily9 and 1234. That is too simple. Someone could pretend to be you or track you down.
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Traffic Lights

Red: Red means it is totally inappropriate. It also means that is not for your age. It could also mean that it will not let you do the activity without any personal information.

Yellow: A yellow website means that you should ask your parents to look at it before you go on it. It also means that it may ask you for your email address, name, phone number, age, address, and birthday.

Green: A green website is a great website for your age and does not ask for any private information. A green website also means that it is for your age and appropriate for you.

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What Would your Grandma Say?

What would grandma say just means that if grandma was sitting next to you what would she say about the website your on. Would she say "this is inappropriate" or would she say "this website is okay you can play on this website".
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A cyber bully is someone who bullies another person on the computer. They say mean things to you that might hurt your feelings. Sometimes people need to think about what they say before they tell that person. People bully other people because they are hurt and feel like other people should feel the same way.
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