Come celebrate!!


Coal use to be one of the biggest Industries in Iowa!


Monday, Dec. 7th, 7am-11pm

Linn County, IA, United States


Linn has a mine in use. They told us that they would give us a tour and teach us what they have learned throughout the years. They will show us the old tools they used to use and the new ones that makes life easier in mining. Then some games and food is provided!
We will get to the mine at 9:00 am sharp.

Have breakfast.

Then we will be shown the new mines that they are using.

After that they will take us to an old empty mine.

Then they will show us what they used to use to mine and how they work.


They will show use how to mind in the 20th century safely.

Then games.


They will sever us breakfast right when we get there then after we tour the mines and learn some of the tools that they use it will be lunch.

Breakfast- They will have sausage with eggs and bacon and orange juice. All of this will be made on a stove that is heated with coal.

Lunch- Lunch is the best thing they have here. They are making steak that is grilled right in front of you. Coal gives the streak a little more flavor and it will taste amazing. Alnog with steak they will have green beans that is cooked on a stove that is heated with coal and mashed potatoes.