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Week 7- Term 3- Friday 27th August 2021

From the Principal's Desk…

Dear Parents and Carers,

It is hard to fathom how different this term is to what we had planned. All our extra curriculum activities have had to be cancelled and now most of us are back working from home.

I would like to thank the whole school community for their support and hard work during this time. I know we have been here before, but sometimes it seems to be harder not easier. Hopefully as more of the population are vaccinated, we will get back to a little of what used to be normal life.

We get sent lots of information and links, far too many to share however, I am sharing one with everyone that has come from the department earlier this week. You may find there is something in the clip that assists you during lockdown.

Tips and strategies for Victorian parents and carers during lockdown.

Our teachers are working very hard to provide a variety of options for families so that their students can continue to learn. Since we offered the hard copy packs many parents have taken this up. If you would like to get a hard copy of work please contact your child’s teacher, bear in mind that as teachers are only onsite one day a week it may take a few days to organise. If you would like some books or levelled readers for your child/children, again please let your teacher know or myself and we can organise these for collection.

Attendance is done daily by our teachers, and this is then accessed by the department to monitor overall student attendance. If your child does not log on, participate in webex meets or send their teacher photos of any work that has been completed, they are marked as absent. Students who are onsite are marked present by the staff onsite. When a student has been absent for more than two days, teachers will try to contact parents via the phone numbers we have listed on SENTRAL.

Unfortunately, quite a few parents have not contacted the office to update their details when they have changed their phone numbers and it has been challenging to make contact. I have also been contacting parents about concerns we have with student absences. We recognise that remote learning is tough for families but please stay in contact with your child’s teacher and if you have changed phones/phone numbers, please advise the office.

Highlights of this week would have to be the Where’s Wally hunts, our students loved finding Wally. A huge thank you to Ali Bryan for organising the community one at the park and to Catherine Vermeltfoort for the school’s Where’s Wally. My other highlight was the masks that our students have been busy making for our book week celebrations. WOW – we have some clever students.

As always, thank you for your continued support of our school.

Stay well and take care,



Wednesday 8 - Open Afternoon for Preps 2022 - 2.30pm - 3.30pm

Monday 13 to Friday 17 - Middle School Swimming - Years 3/4 (5 days)

Friday 17 - Last Day Term 3 - Students finish 2.30pm (Bus travellers finish 2.10pm)

OCTOBER Monday 4 - First Day Term 4

Monday 11 to Wednesday 20 - Junior School Swimming (8 days)

Thursday 14 - Prep Transition Day 2.30-3.30pm (The Arts)

Thursday 28 - Prep Transition Day 2.30-3.30pm (Classroom)

Student Awards

5/6B: Will B - for doing an amazing job getting all of his work done and trying his best on all that he does.

Ella B - for overcoming her fears when reading her speech and doing a fabulous job.

56SK: Billy C - for delivering an outstanding speech, about his hero, Eddie Betts.

Art: Topic: Lego Selfies : Ava K - 3/4W, Evan S - 3/4W & Luis L - 4/5V

Gratitude Challenge

This gratitude challenge worksheet was completed by Sarah W. from P6I using her PODD book with the classroom teacher. A Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) is a book or device that contains symbols and words to support communication between people with complex communication needs and their communication partners, whether that's carers, family, friends or support workers. Sarah is mainly non-verbal and carries her PODD book with her everywhere she goes to communicate with her peers. It was wonderful to see Sarah communicate a range of answers while navigating through her PODD book with P6I staff. Well done Sarah!

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Please take the time to read this fantastic speech by Aaron B. from 4/5V.

Animals are struggling as the world progresses

Morning everyone, did you know that I love animals? Especially Pandas they are my favourite animal in the entire world. Animals can't talk so I will talk for them. They cant live for ever so we need to try and make them live for as long as we can.

There are a few things we need to change to help them like:

  • Not littering
  • Not wrecking their homes
  • Looking after the environment better
  • Helping animals more

After my speech I hope I have convinced you to make just one change in your life to help an animal and if everyone just helps a bit that will make a big change.

Littering is a huge problem for animals. Did you know that there is 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic and rubbish in the ocean? And that has all come from us humans that's pretty disgusting. Imagine trying to swim in a pool of rubbish. It affects a whole bunch of animals like turtles, dolphins, fishes, stingrays and sharks. Animals think the plastic is food so they eat it and die and their babies are left to starve. It's not that hard to put rubbish in a bin, don't be lazy, it will help animals so much if we do the right thing.

How would you feel if someone came and wrecked your house that you live in? We need to be careful that we don't do this to all the animals. If we cut down trees we need to plant them back again. Did you know 20 million to 30 million trees get cut down every year and most of them are animals homes.

We need more volunteers to look after animals and to help them when they are sick. It would be great if we had more zoos because people love to watch animals and maybe people could donate money to the zoos. I wish the schools could go to the zoos more and spend the day helping the animals.

I hope I have convinced you to make one change in your life like planting a tree, putting your rubbish in the bin or if you see an animal help it please.

Thank you for listening to my speech from Aaron.

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Canteen Menu - from Term 3, 2021

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