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What Can you Suggest Instead of "Wimpy Kid"?

Your kids are all reading "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" over and over and you'd like to see them try something new? Let us recommend some new titles to freshen up those reading logs!

The 13-Story Tree House series is creative and popular among 2nd through 5th grades, as are the series "Timmy Failure" and "Frank Einstein." They feature drawing-heavy text for those transitioning into chapter books.

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Students, Get Ready to Vote!

In the library over the next six weeks we will be introducing the kids to the newly nominated books for the California Young Reader Medal. There are five books nominated for younger readers (K-3) and three books nominated for older readers (4-5). Stop by the library to learn more about these funny, engaging, and thoughtful books! The students will be voting on their favorite book later next month, and the results will be sent into the state.