A Christmas Carol Background

Jaeger Dreher

This is my smore on A Christmas carol Background.

>Around 30,000 people were left homeless due to Poverty during the Victorian Era.

>Nearly half of the people who worked with machinery lost their jobs because of better development in the Industrial Revolution.

>Well back then child labor was a much bigger thing because the father was sent to prison because they could not pay their rent.(Poverty)

>Back in the Victorian Era people had more respect for others because now a days the news makes up lie about people to make them seem worse then they are or say that no one can be trusted when in truth they can.

>Most of the children who worked in sweat shops, factories, and coal mines died because they were so tired and exhausted, they worked about 16 hours a day.

>As a child Charles Dickens and his mother and siblings lived in poverty due to their father not making enough to support the family so he was sent to jail and Dickens was made to work so he could support his family.

>During the Industrial Revolution there were plenty of new inventions but the big invention was the Steam Engine.

>During the time their were many jobs that involved Child Labor but the big ones were Sweat Shops, Factories, And even Coal Mines.

>During the Victorian Era, and Industrial Revolution Americans were beginning to use the ideas and inventions that inventors from Britain designed.

>Child Labor may not end but we are trying to lower the amount of children who are being put to work because their parents can't support them.