Julia English

Artic Ecosystem

Artic Food Web

The Producer in my Food Web is of course the sun. The primary consumer in my web is plankton. The primary consumers are the jellyfish and the krill. The secondary consumers are the seal ,fish , and penguin. The tertiary consumer is the whale.
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How are humans affecting the Artic Ocean

Humans are affecting the artic ocean by causing global warming. Global warming heats up the artic and makes it to hot for some of the animals to live in,Causing them to either die off or to have to elsewhere

Humans are also doing good things for the oceans by leaving things such as boats in the ocean to create reefs where reefs don't thrive as well


I think the plankton has the biggest part in my food web. Without it the jellyfish and krill would die causing the entire ecosystem to collapse. The plankton is the producer in my Food web.


If the penguin were to die off one day, then that would mean the whales would have one less snack to eat causing the whale to eat more of the seal leading a decrease in seal population. The penguin is a secondary consumer.


If the fish were to die out it would kill the penguins source of food so that now both the penguin and the fish are dead. Thus leaving the seal with only one source of food krill. The fish is a secondary consumer.