Fair Trade

Food Matters - Da Vinci Food - Talia Tambouras 2014


  • What is you issue? The issue I have chosen to study is Fair Trade
  • Why have you selected your issue?
  • Why is this an important issue? Fair Trade is an important issue because people who are working overseas are not being treated well. Conditions are terrible and no body deserves to be treated badly especially when at work.
  • What are the facts, statistics and data for your issue? There are 60 countries that produce fair trade goods, 1.2 billion small scale farmers benefit from fair trade, the first fair trade label began in 1988, 70 countries sell fair trade products.
  • Why is this issue a concern in Australia? Fair Trade concerns Australia because here in Australia we have good working conditions and fair pay so we have the power to do something about the issue and we can help to educate companies to enforce fair trade. Australians can help support small scale farmer overseas by purchasing fair trade labelled products.
  • What is the background/history of the issue? In 1988 the very first Fair Trade label was launched. Fair Trade coffee was first sold in Dutch grocery stores and it was produced in Mexico.
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  • What are the solutions? Fair trade doesn't have or need a solution. Fair trade is the solution for the horrible working conditions and unfair payment I'm some third world countries around the world.
  • What are the benefits/ advantages/Disadvantages for stakeholders (consumers, farmers, restaurants, retailers, businesses etc) Fair trade is beneficial for the employees or workers because it supports their welfare, wellbeing and their rights.
  • Develop a list of resources - web based, books, podcasts, youtube: shopethical.org - Fairtrade.com.au - www.fta.org.au - www.oxfam.org.au - www.cadbury.com - www.tradewinds.com (youtube) Fairtrade: improving lives - go further for Fairtrade - take a step for Fairtrade - fair trade foundation.
  • Consider the issue from two different perspectives.


After all of my research I have chosen to make the 'Blueberry Banana Bread' recipe.

- Explain: I chose this recipe for my final task because it is quick and easy,MIT fits the time frame and the two main ingredients (banana and blueberry) can both be found fair trade. Most commonly Bananas. Bananas are one of the products that most small business/ farmers grow in third world countries.