West Wilkes Middle School Weekly Faculty Newsletter

Week of February 8-12, 2016

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GEAR UP, Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs, is a researched based, national college access initiative that provides critical early college awareness and support activities within our Wilkes County middle schools. The GEAR UP program model strives to increase the number of students who are informed about how to plan, apply and pay for college through the GU 101 curriculum, career exploration, college tours, cultural activities, and so much more…

Latest Updates

To preview the site... http://www.virtualjobshadow.com/

All teachers have administrative right for their school.

Teacher Login: your school email address

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WCS Third Highest Usage of tutor.com/appstate in the GU Cohort!

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Tutor.com Class Access Form

It's a new semester and a great time to remind students of this great resource they have available to them to get homework help. As a reminder, teachers who want to introduce this to their entire class and have the class log on all at the same time, we now have that option. Just make sure you fill out the request form PRIOR to having a class log on.


Below is a visual reminder of how students log in. Please review how to use tutor.com/appstate with students.

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Appalachian State University GEAR UP Executive Director Jennifer Wilson Kearse, recently shared some wonderful Growth Mindset Resources. These 6 short video clips come with downloadable classroom activities that remind students that making mistakes on classwork is where growth occurs. Below are a couple of my favorites.
My Favorite No
Growth Mindset for Math - Mistakes
Thanks for participating in the Survey!

The College Going Culture Survey helps those involved with the GEAR UP Grant in Wilkes; as well as those at Appalachian State University, get an idea of where we are in creating that culture. It also provides insight to where we need to better our programs and resources. The overarching goal of creating a college going culture is for all students to be prepared for a full range of post-secondary options through structural, motivational, and experiential opportunities.

Creating a College Going Culture Resource Guide by Melissa Friedman and Aimee Dorr is a super resource that provides information about the critical principles of creating a college going culture as well as information on building and sustaining that culture. If you are interested in reading the resource guide, click the College Going Culture Survey title above.


Students participating in the GEAR UP Club have won a FREE opportunity to hear Luis J. Rodriguez-the official Poet Laureate of Los Angeles speak on the campus of Appalachian State University on April 28, 2016 . Mr. Rodriguez is a poet, novelist. short story writer, and children's book author. He is well know for his community and urban peace activism.

While on the campus of ASU, students will also tour the college and have dinner in the dining hall.

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The 8th grade faculty and students of West Wilkes Middle School visited Wilkes Community College and the Wilkes Early High School on January 11, 2016. Students visited classrooms, took part in a college tour, learned about the rigor and application process as well as participated in a WECHS student led panel discussion.

This FREE activity was possible through a combined efforts of the WWMS Faculty & Administration, WECHS Faculty & Administration, GEAR UP WCS, & GEAR UP WCC .

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Career & Technical Education Presentation

Eighth grade students met with Mr. Wayne Shepherd Director of Career and Technical Education. Students accessed their CFNC accounts and Mr. Shepherd walked them through a "Career Cluster Survey." This CFNC survey is directly aligned with the career cluster document that us used by Wilkes County Schools. Mr. Shepherd also spoke with students about the CTE classes available at each of the high schools.


Appalachian State University GEAR UP Juntos Mentoring Program

Congratulations to WWMS for being selected to participate in the Juntos Mentoring Program! The program is designed to link selected 6th-8th grade Latino students who need extra support with a positive college-going bilingual role models.


Week of January 25-29, 2016

Virtual Job Shadow

NC Standards: (P.CR.3.1; P.CR.3.2)

Students will recognize the benefits of work and gain awareness of factors that motivate educational decisions that lead to adults career choices,

This lesson is a video tutorial. If you are unable to view the video in google docs, download it onto your computer.

Virtual Job Shadow Video tutorial Lesson Plan

Virtual Job Shadow Sign in Link for Students (Post this on your teacher wiki or webpage)


GU 101 Lesson 17 Why People Work

This lesson comes directly from www.cfnc.org

Why People Work

NC Standards: Why People Work (P.CR.3.1; P.CR.3.2)

Students will recognize the benefits of work and gain awareness of factors that motivate adults’ career choices, including personal fulfillment, helping others, and earning a living.


NO GU 101 Due to Weather Related Events

This lesson comes from CFNC.

Why Work Hard in School?

NC Standards (EEE.SE.2.3; P.C. 2.2; RED.CR.3.3; EEE.CR.3.1; EI.CR.3.2;P.CR.4.1; P.CR.4.2)

Students will recognize the value of completing schoolwork and earning good grades, purpose of taking classes in different subjects, and learn to calculate GPA.

FREE Middle School Tutoring Resource!

Please encourage students to use Tutor.com as a resource for homework help both at school and at home. Students are able to have access to a tutor within minutes. These sessions are quality controlled, and students have access to a tutor who has at least a 4 year degree in the field in which they tutor. The Tutor.com site would also make a great resource to place on your teacher webpage for students to access.
Upcoming GU 101 lessons will require students be able to use their individual CFNC accounts. If you have students who have not created an account, or are unable to get into their created CFNC account, please list them on the google form.

Mrs. Stinson and I are working to be sure all students have access to their accounts before the GU lessons begin.

6th-8th grade students county-wide created CFNC accounts and began exploring what careers they are interested in, as well as how to plan, apply and pay for college.

Account Name

Student ID/Lunch #



Student Birthday (no "0" placeholders)

Example:08/28/1992 would be entered as 8281992

Please Join Us!

GEAR UP UCAN Council Meeting

Monday, Feb. 22nd, 4pm

East Wilkes Middle School Media Center

Please join us!

GEAR UP District Coordinator

Jody Freeman

North Wilkes Middle School/West Wilkes Middle School

E-mail: freemanj@wilkes.k12.nc.us

Central Office Phone: 336-651-7049


Monday and Tuesday: West Wilkes Middle

Wednesday and Thursday: North Wilkes Middle

Friday: Central Office

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This Week's Lesson

What Color is Your Personality?

NC Standards 130.204. 10 A, 10 B, 10 C

Students will be able to identify characteristics of the four basic personality types, explain why productive groups are made up of a variety of personality types and describe ways to diffuse group conflicts.