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BrainJack Project: Bryce McKinnon

Advice by Caroline Hax: Addicted with advice.

Carolyn Hax:

I'm addicted, no i'm not addicted to drugs nor alcohol see Carolyn, i'm addicted with video games. Should I be worried? i only play them 12 hours a day and only eat every five hours. I'm losing friends, i'm losing sleep, i'm also losing my family all because of my addiction.But why should I care, they are always interfering with my playing time and always talking about how video games are bad for you and you should stop playing them. Maybe they are the ones who need the help,

not me! -Addicted Gamer (Fargas)

Dear Addict:

Im glad you aren't doing drugs or drinking of any sort. Video Games aren't anything to be concerned about, they are apart of most peoples lives and is not a bad thing to do. But if you're playing games most of the hours in the day, you should cut down on playing time because sleep is a very important factor for our bodies. If you organize your playing time you will have more time to play with your friends and family.

Just remember, sleep should be first on your list!

- Carolyn Hax

Technology Lovers Read This!

The United States hasn't been the same since the incident. Brain Jack is a must see movie if you're and computer or technology lover and lets squeeze thriller lovers in there also!

The top Grossing thing in the U.S. are Neuro-Headsets with the durability to read your mind to find things that you like. As the headsets got more power the weaker we got as a nation. The United States will come to the turning point and will never be the same so the main characters Brian, Dodge, and Vienna need to stop it all!

"We live in a society absolutely dependent on science and technology, yet have clearly arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. Thats a clear description for disaster" - Carl Sagan

Married With Neuro Headset!

Today sports player, Ching Lang Mung has announced that he is getting married with his new neuro headset! He said he came up with the courage to marry it when he used it to work. We could not get a interview with soon to be Mrs. Mung because she was busy with Neuro stuff. We will keep you updated with the Mung family as much as we can!
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