Alburnett Carnival

Alburnett Community School/April 24th, 5- 7:30 p.m.

What is the fundraiser for?

Alburnett Community School is hosting a fundraiser for one of our students, Austin Stallman. Austin Stallman, an 8th grade student at Alburnett, recently had a cancerous brain tumor removed. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy. The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise money for Austin and his family to help cover the cost of the therapy and other treatments.

Fundraiser Information

We are going to be hosting this event at our school. This is 100% non-profitable! We will be having a raffle too! In the raffle we will have a GoPro Camera, two tickets to a Kernels game, and 2 tickets to a Roughriders Hockey Game and a signed poster. Free ice cream from Cold Stone, and sandwiches from Jimmy Johns. You will also have a chance to win an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen! Other items in the raffle will be free candy from Betty Jane Candies, a movie from Family Video. We will have various games with prizes.


Kids 5 - under = $5.00

Regular price = $12.00

Raffle tickets: $3.00 for 5; $5.00 for 10

Alburnett High School: 131 Roosevelt Street, Alburnett

We hope to see you there!